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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. erasure
    How can you describe the signature of this device "Cold" ? or "Warm" ?
    What about the sound stage "Small" ? or "Big" ? 
  2. jmills8
    maybe they only listen to Celine Dion.
  3. crazy eddie
    Some people have never touched a turntable, or let me refrain that used a turntable or mixer, with amps and eq, anyway what really matters is that we all love the music regardless of how you use it, but I agree banner.the ig apple is so much fun when it.comes to music , it's just crazy, thank god I get these little perks.
  4. BruceBanner
    If they do then it's not a Cowon they need but a noose! xD
  5. erasure
    Latest Review from Amazon from Rounder6:
    "The power is comparable to the J3 or very much the same compared to the D2+. So, the D CANNOT (!) drive high Ohm cans or more critical headphones "
    I don't need this if the power is like the J3, poser is the main reason to but this new player...
    I already read from some people here that it is output is stronger...
    What do you think ?
  6. jmills8
    Stick with what you need. But reviewers are basically good writers nothing more. The D is way more stronger than the J3. Also no matter which dap I use I amp it.
  7. Sound Eq
    the cowon d is maybe eben stronger than the ak380 that I have without amp
    every dap needs an amp end of story like Jmills said
    jmills8 likes this.
  8. Sound Eq
    i am thinking of changing my user name here
    I want a name that implies " i will give my opinion on what I bought and own and I do not care about hidden agendas ' any suggestions :)
  9. kageroh
    This really made my day. I use the D with my 250 ohm 770s and they drive them with ease. I don't even have to turn it up all the way, a volume between 25 and 45 easily is loud enough for my ears.
  10. nanoc
    Or maybe they produce music and need a capable neutral source to replay it on the go.
    I want to be able to carry my tracks on the player and hook it up to my monitors upstairs for when I don’t feel like carrying my heavy laptop AND the synth.
    I am no sound engineer, but this I know for certain: a vacuum tube powered guitar cannot be backed by a warm equalized audio track. The guitar is firing on all cylinders, while the warm eq pushes some necessary frequencies to the back, creating the sense that the guitar is real and the rest is crap. Up the volume to tube overdrive levels and the problem becomes worse.
    Of all the players I have at home (two laptops, ipad, cowon iaudio U2, and Samsung elcheapo phone), only one of the laptops (the one with a decent sound card) is capable of producing a sound that goes well with the live guitar. The worse is a tie between the phone and the U2. I don’t want to buy the D to see it contend for worse performer with my phone and U2 (I am not saying it will, by the way, just expressing my doubts).
    My problem is I probably need not one device, but many (a portable player, a desktop player, and a second high-end laptop). As a portable player, the D seems like the best option. As a portable home player, the fiio could be the winner thanks to the excellent line out (and autonomy is not a problem at home). I am prepared to sacrifice something, but I want to know what the sacrifice is before I make it.
    If I could try the d for the uses I want to give it… 
  11. DanMUC
    So I was initially being snobby and loading up flac files (my CDs ripped with Nero) only, but then I tried out a few mp3s too and although I haven't done a direct comparison between the formats using the same song, I have to say the sound this little player delivers is really amazing. I listened to some modern Fado (Mariza) and was blown away by the clarity of her voice. But the flac vs mp3 debate isn't really this topic of discussion here is it? 100hrs versus 50hrs says it might be though :wink:
    One little thing that annoys me is that if I need to pause a track to talk to someone, after about 1 or 2 mins only, the device powers down. This doesn't seem to be a setting that I can change as I have the sleep setting to 10 mins.
    Anyone have any bright ideas here?
  12. oliverpool

    I believe it's the first one. That's what mine came with unless I recalled it wrongly.
  13. jmills8
    Then I might get a 200 gig card .
  14. Pacman123
    Has anyone else from the US had issue with Gmarket cancelling their order?
    I had mine cancelled because I needed to verify my identity.
  15. crazy eddie
    That I agree with j mills I amp everything, I learned that from him, it makes it better even a half percent better is worth it, regardless of music like he says, Celine dion,lol, hey I like celiac e,lol, no but seriously the j3 has a hiss and a humming , really ,how can anyone compare it to a new item, which represents the company, I learned about cowon also from Hawaii he had an i7 which I liked, cowon are nice also for movies videos, but things keep getting better and thanks to jmills I also bought my cowon, jmills has experience, read his profile and see all the money this kid has spent , he clearly loves this as his hobby, so I follow people with that energy and enthusiasm, except for the Celine Dion part ,lmao, new York lives on celine,lol,he's a good guy he's honest just ask him honest questions and you'll receive honest answers, werr all here to help, I pass on what was given to me, love you guys , thank you for making my life a little better, thank to the audio GODS, for providing us with better silver cables, and better leather cases, thank the gods for fiio dacs and amps, and lastly thank the GODS,for hi resolution formats like flac,aac,wav,enjoy guys, lol
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