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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. jmills8
    I too want to know cause my 128 gig is full of Flac music and so is the internal memory.
  2. oliverpool

    I have my 200gb working on the player since v1.02. You just have to ensure that its formatted as fat32
  3. jmills8
    v1.02 was the first update FW ?
  4. marlin29311
    On my J3, I used to listed to my Sony MDR-1A's at around 35 or so, and with the Plenue D, I don't ever need to push it to over 60, so there is plenty of headroom IMO.
  5. nanoc
    How can it have a more analog sound? All the music you hear coming from your daps is 100% analog, as there's no way your headphone can make the 1s and 0s reach your ears... 
    i am truly interested in this. I was going to buy a fiio x3 2, but the battery life and the fact my old cowon is still kicking around after 11 years is enough to make me consider going for the D. 
    on the other hand, such a long battery life usualy means audio compoments in line with a cheap smartphone, and the lack of line out... well, it means i cannot use it at home nor with a portable speaker, and on top of that, it leaves in evidence that even cowon doesn't like the hardware so much... 
  6. crazy eddie
    Omg, read the reviews, this is why the plenue d is so famous , your mistaken , j have it and once you learn it, you'll love it, they did this to beat the competition, they make money no matter what but their reputation is more important to them and from what everyone says , they take pride, on their flagship items, Don let the price fool you, you'll see , enjoy, I really hope you uy and experience it,.
  7. Raketen
    I think when people say this they just mean it reminds them of analog amplifiers/systems they have used.
    If output distortion is not bad, double amping is porbably not such a sin, especially if it's just to a portable speaker. I think a few people have mentioned using with external amp. Though still is the biggest knock against this player for me- not having output options which seems like a such an obvious use for small DAPs. I guess cowon is more focused on practical users.
  8. DanMUC
    Wow. The sax at about 11 mins on Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) just blew me right away.
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  9. crazy eddie
    Hope you guys enjoy have a nice day,bye.
  10. marlin29311
    No, it unfortunately does not.  Audio components are incredibly cheap these days - can you guess how much the DAC in the Plenue M costs?  I'll tell you - $6.53!  How much does the DAC in the D cost?  $11!
    Cost vs quality does not equate, and while I agree there are some features that are missing from the D as compared to other high end players, it does not mean that what it does is inline with a cheap player.  The D was created as a portable player, and is structured as such.  There is no line out since you generally won't do that on the run.  Cowon built the product for exactly who they are marketing to - people who want an extremely portable player, but don't need the other features.  That's why it's cheaper - its missing features, not quality.
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  11. nanoc
    well, cheap quality components is not an unfortunate fact, quite the opposite. 
    but a dap that needs fiddling with eq settings to sound great is the oppositte of what a dap should be. The player has to stay true to the source and drive the headphones with authority. 
    To be honest, i don't really need a powerful amp section to drive my iems, so probably the plenue has everything i need minus the line out. But, not having a line out, i am afraid it will sound bad as a source for my backing tracks for when i want to plug in the guitar and wreak havoc. 
    If i knew i could live with 10 hours of battery life, i would go for the X3 II for the peace of mind, but this new toy is sure shiny and the 50+ hours look nice for my 18 hour long flights. 
  12. marlin29311
    Not sure why you're thinking that...sure there is a lot of discussion about using the EQ and BBE settings, but it's certainly not necessary.  All Cowon players sounds fantastic from a flat standpoint, it's just that they do such a great job with the EQ and BBE settings that there is a lot of focus placed on using them to tweak each user's preferences.
    Even still, on the Plenue 1 and Plenue M, the "line out" setting means simply jacking the volume to max and doing it that way.  And those are $800+ players.  I don't think you should have an issue with that at all.
  13. crazy eddie
    Wow great explanation, sometimes we need people to explain it differently, it's true, don't have to eq, but you'll understand once you get it, it comes full of fun setting that's all , sometimes , the music is so badly produced that touch ups help, and honestly, I'm a dj, and I've dj all my life perhaps a flac sound might be good for some, but ,music is subjective, bassheads are different so are trebleheads, and midlovers, not everyone appreciates balanced, if that was the case, sony wouldn't exist, their not balanced and do they sell their warm prducts, yes because they are musical, in the past they concentrated more on monitors, they still have them, check out audiotechnica, look at shure, their best is warm, now akg has balanced, but their doing the same it's about pleasing everybody and making money, there no right answer or one taste, it's about fun, so just enjoy , music is beautiful, I enjoy everything, there are days I hate bass, or treble, or its just .oviedo day, there is more to this , life is about balance for me, but what balanced is for me might not be for you,
  14. Photoman

    The D is the only player I use now.  Great little player with big sound
  15. BruceBanner
    Incorrect on many levels (imo).
    What if the source is badly recorded? What if EQing can assist with undoing some of the damage done in the studio?
    What about peoples preference of a particular headphone (based on comfort and price), but perhaps it is not flat but slightly V shaped giving. EQing can assist with bringing the users preferred headphone of choice back in line (to being flatter).
    What about individual preference? Why is someone who likes a little more bass (that makes them happy) in the wrong? If they prefer the particular song with slight more bass emphasis whose to say he/she is wrong?!

    I used to subscribe to flat, hell I own a Alien Shozy that has no EQ and is straight up FFR. For the most part everything sounds great, but I have to be honest, certain albums sound much better on the Hidizs AP100 (that has hardware based EQ) because I have subtly tweaked the FRR to being more towards my liking and thus helping those records.
    Many older recordings benefit from EQing.
    Many (now famous) artists earlier released albums aren't always recorded great (because they couldn't afford the best sound engineer), subsequent albums (once success has been reached) can sound fine and need no EQing, but those earlier records can absolutely benefit.
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