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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. crazy eddie
    Yourabsolutely right, I figure they might not make a case for it soon and with my luck I'll scratch it or damage it , so it's an investment, it's actually good I was surprised, it better,lol, for 40, it it's premium, and will match nicely with the flc8s I'm receiving today, since it's also dark metallic,shade changing blue, I just hope the flc8s make a good earbud.
  2. kageroh
    I tried some custom fonts, but somehow the D omits the ":" with some, which makes play time display and similar details quite difficult / annoying to read.
  3. Scalpos
    I had the player for three days, but as there was a small dust/plastic particle under the screen, I reluctantly sent it back for an exchange...
    I enjoyed the form factor, really loved the battery life, which was one of the the main reasons of my purchase, and playing with playing with the EQ is a pleasure. I can't say much sound wise, I mainly listened to FLAC albums, but my ears or current IEM (Sony MH1C) are probably not good enough to judge it, and the fact the DAP pauses each time you unplug the jack does not help to compare against another DAP, unless you have two pairs of the same headphones. I have a pair of Klipsch S4i to fix before I'll receive a new Plenue D, but I'm quite sure ther won't be any huge difference.
    Coming from a beloved Cowon iAudio 7 (now bricked) and using for years a Rockboxed Clip Zip, what surprised me is the lack of features like:
    - No way to get the setting's details of predefined EQ configurations, neither to create a new one from a personnal or predefined one
    - It seems impossible to select a folder and have its content recursively added to a playlist. Is it even possible to rearrange listed tracks in a playlist ?
    - While the screen is "huge" (compared to my previous DAPs), very few information are displayed. In addition to Track, Album, and Artist name, I'd like to see the album's year and the file format, without having to ask for track's details/info
    - Resume does not restart the played song when DAP has been turned off
    - No support for FLAC image + Cue
    - No cover display apart when it is part of track's tag; images named as folder or cover do not seem to be supported
    - In database mode, no customization of how multiple albums are displayed for a single artist. I like to have them chronologically sorted but it is alphabetical order only, unless you switch to File/Folder mode and albums' name starts with year (which is how my music is organized: "Artist / (Year) Album". But when you switch to this mode, you have to enter "Plenue D" and "Music" folders before having access to directories where desired album/track is stored, quite annoying. I'd like to define a Music root folder.
    OK, OK, Plenue D system is not Rockbox, but for such device, close to high end products, it feels like real basic. I hope coming UI customization will help.
    Despite DAP's upgrade to 1.10 firmware, I clearly noticed unpleasant tearing while scrolling through tracks list.
    I have not been able to check if the player supports replay gain, but I had to play with the volume when another album was played. I appreciated the fine volume scale, and never had to push it above 30-35, probably due to the IEM I use.
  4. The Martian
    Does the Plenue D performs great driving the JH Roxanne/ Layla?
  5. crazy eddie
    All I can say I connected my new flc8s to cowon plenue d with my fiio 12e and its stellar.
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  6. crazy eddie
    1454986305265949237697.jpg that the cowon with fiio 12e and flc8s, once the flc8s opens up with the cowon , this flc8s rivals over 1300 dollar earbuds, but evert hinges comes down in price, but it's to give you an idea, everything when new cost 1000 then a few months later 600, or less open box.
  7. crazy eddie
    20160208_113312.jpg I might stick with cowon, or I might just continue having different sets with signatures, I love them all
  8. Malorie
    I just got the Plenue D. It's my first Cowon, I wanted to buy the J3 some years ago but it was out of order. 
    Unfortunately, I am facing two issues that are critical in regards with the usage I am making of this DAP :
    1) Sound is too loud ! I am sleeping with the DAC and IEM, and even at volume 1 it is too loud for me to fall asleep. I am forced to use custom EQ to decrease the sound, but then sound is distorted... Any advice on how best to set up the EQ to keep a correct sound quality ? I am using mainly the player for "story", with some background music. 
    2) Sleep timer reset automatically to "off" after sleep. This is terrible for me, as I usually turn on the DAP several time during the night, and cannot consider to set the sleep timer each time while half asleep. This gets me really worried, as I am afraid this is desired behaviour from Cowon and not a bug... Could one of you confirm this is a common behaviour and not only my device affected ? This could lead me to sell the player, as this would not be usable for me like this [​IMG] 
    Very sad about 2), as otherwise I am really in love with the player. But I am coming to the conclusion it does not fit my need at all, which makes me desperate.
    If anyone would know how to contact Cowon to check with them if there is any modification to expect on this matter, could you please let me know how to do it ?
  9. jmills8
    First dap I heard that is too loud and too loud at volume 1. It must have a home amplifier inside.
  10. kageroh
    I'm loving this little thing so much X3
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  11. DanMUC
    So mine arrived - didn't I order it only yesterday??? 
    It's a thing of beauty that's for sure.
    I loaded up a small 16 GB sd card with a variety of tunes to test after formatting it via Windows 10 into FAT32 - didn't need the tool everyone speaks of, but I presume that is needed for the larger cards (32gb and up).
    Anyway, it read everything straight away after doing a very speedy DB update.
    Btw, I am listening with Denon MM 400s.
    So far I heard Chan Chan by the Buena Vista Social Club which sounded good.
    I have just finished a quick test to compare the Plenue D with my Sony Z1c + iBasso D Zero Mk II and I am impressed with the detail of the Plenue D listening to Instant Crush by Daft Punk - especially around the 1m20 mark there is a sound that is so clear and detailed it actually feels like it's scratching in my head!
    So far, I love it.
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  12. DanMUC
    How do I see which firmware is running?
  13. DanMUC
    Ignore me - firmware upgrade is running.
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  14. DanMUC
    The Chain by Fleetwood Mac is sensational. Loving this. Loving it. Kinell. 
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  15. theonlytrueone
    Hey so if anyone is in need of a screen protector and a case for the plenue D feel free to let me know. I ordered from gmarket and didn't know that it comes with the case and protector with the reg. price so I added those on. Now I have an extra piece of each. Be happy to sell it and ship it to you at a lowered price.
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