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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. jmills8
    I have never used a case and I never got a scratch. The dap is either in my soft pretty hand or in my pocket.
  2. clee290
    Does it say when the special promotion may end? 
  3. Fuhake
    I've just received my D yesterday. The sound is impressive, so is the quality of the build.
    Very good first impression except the following issue: when I push the on/off button to wake the screen up, it works but then the touchscreen doesn't function properly.
    All the physical buttons continue to work normally, only the touchscreen doesn't react normally.
    Instead of doing the function I request, a touch just pauses the sound.
    So I have to switch the D off completely, and restart to be able to use the touchscreen again. That's what I don't understand, it works perfectly fine after starting the D.
    What I've already tried:
    .change the firmware --> same issue with 1.02 and 1.10
    .push the + and - buttons of volume at the same time to reset--> no change
    Any idea how to solve it? Did I miss a basis step?
  4. jmills8
    That has never happened to me. Maybe you exchange the unit.
  5. randomkorean
    It's just limited supply. Once the case and film runs out of stock, the promotion ends.
  6. crazy eddie
    It's like I rediscovered these cowons, everyday I mess with settings and they open up, I have alot of amps and dac, by fiio, and I'm using the xba a3 which is the next thing to the xba z5, there almost a month old so they have burned, I can say cowon can match almost any sound signature, I love my x5 and 12e, but I love my plenue d, as long as the earphones are good they sound excellent, even less expensive sound awesome, don't be fooled ath im50,im70,recommendEd by jmills, are awesome, I heard them from a friend and a big positivity I'm gonna get them, unless I get the velvet, but for the collection I might get them anyway,plus some sony7550, and maybe one more player and then enjoy, thinking of cayin player with cayin amp, since they have great prices, plus I never had ibasso, any of them, I just received a text from amazon, I will be receiving my flc8s from flc technology on monday, I did get them for the plenue d since the case is blue and so are the flc8s, anyone that has them please let me know how they stand up, I will love to hear from you guys.
  7. Tokyoghoul

    Just found out that you can change fonts.
    Nothing to do with audio but it's still pretty cool.
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  8. Krakoukass
    Can you explain how you managed to change fonts ? I tried to put "otf" or "ttf" files directly in the plenue's root, but I can't see the fonts in the menu... ;(
  9. Tokyoghoul

    Change the name to user.ttf and put it in the systems file.
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  10. Luhaine
    Decided I'd join the club. Was looking for a dap now that I've goten some decent cans again. The price (250 euros incl. shipping from ADMP3), batterylife and rumoured good sound quality sealed the deal for me over the FiiO X7 or one of the affordable AK's. Used to own a Cowon S9 which worked well with the ATH-CK100 at the time so looking forward to seeing what the PD can do with the ATH-IM04 and ATH-CKR10. 
  11. tds101
    For a site that has mostly despised the usage of eq'ing, you guys are going in the complete opposite direction. My buddy Achmed would have been so proud of you all. You people rock!!!
  12. jmills8
    Cowon eq man, it works well!
    tds101 likes this.
  13. crazy eddie
    I haven't used my xb50 since I got my xb90, xba a3, and my other more expensive sets, I bought three of these back then for 17 dollars, open box, and what kills me is that with cowon plenue d , they sound awesome, the bass can be controlled , the mids cleaned and highs are smooth but defined, but sony is awesome with bass , I can't remember the size of driver, probably 10 to 12, comes with same wires cables and the support and strain relief on earbud similar to xb90, I think even better, I test all my phones with dj Paulo arruda, blue six playlist mix, by Paulo arruda,dj. Hope you listen and enjoy, it's on you tube
  14. Pacman123
    What file organizer do you guys use?
    I have a lot of files with incorrect artist and title.
  15. DanMUC
    I am debating buying one of these.
    I currently use a Sony Z1 Compact with an iBasso Mk II D zero amp.
    Will the Cowon (or any other similarly priced dap) sound demonstrably better?
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