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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. BruceBanner
    Yeh, it's always gonna be different strokes for different folks. As i said earlier, I abused BBE/Jet Effect and I kinda liked it lol, but for some it is more milder manipulation. For some they want EQ Flat and tinker more with the DSPs, ain't nothing wrong with that.
    I also noticed the -1 channel balance, makes sense to me because I do recall heading towards the channel balance quite a fair bit when I was using my Cowon's, something just felt 'off', this might explain it. Sometimes I had channel balance out by a factor of 3 before it sounded central to me! I have not had to use any channel balance on my AP100 tho.

    Channel Balance is prolly one of those options least tinkered with, not everyone's hearing is equal both sides, users might gain significant sound improvement by changing the slider slightly a notch or two, everyone should have a go and doing that imo.
  2. Raketen
  3. clee290
    Another quick question regarding gmarket.
    Are these the color options? If so, which is which?
  4. Pacman123
    I asked the same thing. I was able to translate it though.
    The first option(left) is Gold Black and the second(right) is Silver Black
  5. clee290
    Edit: Hm, Google Translate shows "silver black" as the left one and "gold black" as the one on the right. You trying to pull a fast one on me?! :p
  6. Pacman123
    No problem,
    On my screen when I go to Gmarket it shows the gold black first. I see that yours is flipped for some reason.
  7. QsTree
    And how to rename the Playlists?
  8. Photoman
    just the favorites can be renamed. Go to a favorite hit the 4 squares and select the right icon with the pen. Make sure you have music in there first
    0rangutan and QsTree like this.
  9. Jose R
    Regarding gapless playback, according to the manual:
    Gapless does not work with hi-res 24/96 files.
    Is there someplace we can post bugs? Cowon global does not have a community forum page.
  10. pat1984
    How many hours of playtime are you guys getting with the Plenue D? The battery on mine is about 1/4 with only around 15-16 hours of mp3/FLAC playback....
  11. Jupiterknight
    When I'm not messing around with the jeteffect, to find "my perfect" settings. switching between songs/albums/IEM's/headphones. and just let the Plenue D play constantly I get around 50-75 hours with MP3 320 playback time depending on the IEM or headphone I use..  But playing around with and tweaking your IEM/headphones with the various jeteffects/EQ during playback will take quite a big hit on battery life.. no surprise.. On the other hand the only way to learn and enjoy the Plenue D..
  12. randomkorean

    You have to buy it from Gmarket. Special promotion they say.
  13. goody
    Guys where can i get the screen protector and  case for the plenue d
  14. taffy2207
    £40-£50 on Ebay if you want to pay top whack from Korea.
    I think most of us are waiting patiently for the accessories. The D is still relatively new but is selling well by all accounts. It's just a matter of time before the market gets saturated with D add-ons and prices plummet (hopefully [​IMG]). It depends on your patience threshold and how much you're willing to pay, I guess.
  15. goody
    Nope i will wait i have my player in a sock lol...will wait till more accessories become available 
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