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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. crazy eddie
    Did you guys know you can make your own presets on the d and make the best sound with these especial eq settings
  2. crazy eddie
    Omg I just did my 4 presets it's awesome on the d, my god the sound is incredible and so clean
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  3. ZerkMeister
    So its official, everyone post your favorite custom presets so some noobs (like me) can experience these wondrous sounds.
  4. jmills8
    There are so many choices. They should make videos.
  5. Zerovalk
    any recommended eq settings? just got mine too
  6. Mistyc
    Maybe you right jmills with sony...but my creative soundblaster,galaxy s6,and htc one m8 has the same sound...mid forward.
    I went do audiologist and i have some minor isssue between 2k-4k and i think i won't listen that loud anymore.

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  7. crazy eddie
    J mills shame on you didn't know this player had so much, I just played with it for an hour and my four presets I kid you not sound like something from a professional studio, so clean , wide , strong, airy, overhead space, I can't even explain it, and yes the 3d effect is crazy, not a lot , I just touch things up, the eq is awesome, wow guys , so far I'm loving my collection of players,from my note phone to my note tablets to my x5 first generation, to my xduoox3, omg, I ordered the flc8s from flc technology, omg I can't even imagine how the cowon and it are gonna sound if you guys know please let me know, the idea was.to pair.with xduoox3 because someone said it enhances bass more, and that after 70 hours the bass is viceral, the joker and a.few more spoke on this ,help me guys , tell me something did I make another good choice.
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  8. QsTree
    It seems that the PD offers 10 fixed playlists. Does somebody knows if they can be renamed? One the P1 & M it is possible. In case that this it not possible I hope that this feature will be part of one future firmware update.
  9. Photoman
    Yes it can be renamed
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  10. clee290
    Just wondering, what is the best way to get this for a Canadian? Is importing from gmarket still the best option? Also, is there a particular seller that I should purchase from?
  11. randomkorean
    Actually, buying from Gmarket gives you opportunity to get free Leather Case with protective film. If I were you, I would buy it from dealer COWON (COWON is the offical cowon product dealer).
  12. clee290

    Thank you for the reply!

    Also, for other Canadians who ordered from gmarket, can you confirm that you didn't have to pay custom fees?
  13. Weaves
    I bought mine from JetAudio (USA official dealer).  I received last night.  There was no leather case or protective film. [​IMG]
  14. synok282
    The table represent my philosophy for USER’s presets just as an example to your observation:
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  15. jmills8
    Cool but EQ always flat? Also you want louder from the left side than the right?
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