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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. oliverpool
    It seem to solve all my track number issue that I can see. The UI is super fast and responsive now. Previously its a step back compared to the AK100, now its faster then the ak100. Great improvement on the first upgrade firmware. 
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  2. taffy2207
    V1.10 is on the global site as well:-
    Under the new features it states:-
    - Correct the error breaking a Favorite information(Need to delete "TCSYSDIR" folder in the product after a firmware upgrade)
    Does that mean we have to delete the "TCSYSDIR" folder or that the new firmware has corrected the need to delete it ? [​IMG] 
  3. complete
    planue d ,Does the song delete SD card?
  4. BruceBanner
    My advice, stay away from the Presets.
    As a long time Cowon user, I wasted too many months relying on the presets to give me a sound signature I thought was good but not perfect. Better can be had through own creation. The presets are only good as examples of what can be achieved, not necessarily what should be used. It's a demonstration of the vast degree of change that is possible on the array of DSPs.
    Cowon are not going to fine tune the sound as there is really nothing to fine tune, it is down to you as the user to find that sweet spot, and it's going to change for everyone as everyone's combination of Song/Album/Genre + Volume + IEM Combination is always going t be different.
    You have 4 user presets for a reason, use them for different IEMs/Headphones or for different Genres.
    Too much BBE (and most likely in combination with Mach3Bass and perhaps EQ'd bass) will result in that 'boomy' bass sound. It doesn't need to be there, with enough patience you can remove it and get a sweet sounding bass response.

    In the beginning I tried to find what the actual settings were for some of the presets (such as Headphone 1), as I felt it was close to something I liked, if only I could fine tune it and tinker some more, but alas the values all the presets use seem to be a complete mystery to the public.
    Jet Effect & BBE are arguably the greatest DSPs given on any DAP to date, the variety in sound signatures available to the user far surpasses any other DAP (believe it or not), where most users are left unimpressed is when they give up too early. You need to block out a few hours on a sunday arvo and tinker around, there's no way around it, but when you do you will be very happy indeed.

    On other forums I shared some of my (Jet Effect/BBE) settings, some users were blown out of the water by what they were hearing (I kid u not, saying things like "are u ********* kidding me?! You mean to say I have been stuck on Headphone 1 all these months when I could have been hearing my music like this?!!", others on the other hand were like "... meh" lol. So it really does depend on the user.
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  5. Sound Eq

    can you please share then some of your own user presets please
  6. BruceBanner
    Sure man, I'd be happy to. Mind you, I don't own your IEMs, nor likely enjoy the same genres/artists, so again I emphasis that these settings I share may make one user ecstatic and another left very underwhelmed. If my settings are guilty of anything it's prolly that they are too 'artificial' sounding. Some of the best Jet Effect/BBE settings are actually just subtle tweaks here or there, that maybe what is required for you. I have been known to be a BBE Junkie in the past and old habits die hard!
    Here's a starting point anyway;
    EQ Settings
    7 80 wide
    -1 220 normal
    5 1.4 narrow
    5 3.0 normal
    6 11.7 wide
    bbe 10
    mach3 off
    3d surround 3
    mp enhance on
    stereo enhance 3
    reverb off
    I have often whacked the mach3 bass up a bit for those tracks that call for it. I've also used this combo tho this is more for the bass head :D
    EQ Settings
    7 80 wide
    -1 220 normal
    5 1.4 narrow
    6 3.0 normal
    7 11.7 wide
    bbe 10
    mach3 8
    3d 2
    mp enhance on
    steroe enhance 3
    reverb off
    These days tho I have went in a different direction. I use a differed DAP (Hidizs AP100) and use Flat mostly with the occasional subtle EQ lift. Neither imo is right or wrong, just different. I recall very much enjoying the aforementioned settings, if nothing else it was fun listening at the time :)

    I have discussed Jet Effect/BBE settings at great lengths with many other users, some of which own the same IEMs as me, subtle tweaks can often be the way to go. Sit down, take your time and discover the signature that suits you best.
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  7. Sound Eq
    thanks i will try these and report back but in cowon d we do not have stereo enhance
  8. BruceBanner
    That's curious. I'm quoting settings from Jet Effect/BBE from the i9+ and C2, which are earlier versions of Stereo Enhance O.o
  9. Sound Eq
    it seems they removed it from jeteffect5
  10. philipsony

    i couldnt find stereo enchance on PD while its there on j3
  11. Skint
    Totally agree, it's the custom EQ that brings the most out of it, even though presets are good.
    I currently use (and been using since C2) the following:
    80 wide 8
    220 wide 4
    1.1 wide 4
    2.4 wide 4
    11.7 wide 7
    BBE 9
    M3Bass 8
    3D sur 4
    MP on
    Reverb off.
    I like a U shape sound really. That EQ works great for my IEMs but awful for car or systems (too much EQ for the volume needed to drive at line out voltage).
    Isn't the stereo enhance now 3D surround? Kinda adds a Binural element to it. I find this setting best either off or 3 or 4. Anything more is too much for me.
  12. BruceBanner
    Wow... that is actually pretty rubbish. They give more presets in later versions but then take away actually valuable DSP tools? What's that all about... :S
    Yeh mine are quite U shaped also. And totally agree re: double amping or car stereos, what sounds good in IEM can sound rubbish through different systems.

    Nah Stereo Enhance is in fact different and separate to 3d Surround.

    Anyone got a M2, can they confirm whether or not Stereo Enhance is there in the settings?
  13. philipsony

    on the other hand cowon gave much more preset for reverb...
  14. hqssui

    I recently purchased a Lotoo PAW 5000 and it has a 5 band Parametric Eq which helps to alter the sound to your liking, similar to Cowon. Lotoo also has it's own DSP setting called ATE which I dont like.  Plus it has a dedicated EQ button.
    And thanks for sharing your BBE settings. I will definitely try it on my C2 and Z2.
  15. BruceBanner
    Oh that is interesting to know!
    Here's what you might be able to do with a Cowon (PD) if dedicated eq shifts are your thing. In the past I managed to have the screen settings for toggling eq perma on, if u look at my vid here u will get my drift; https://youtu.be/8Ox6wRNigMc?t=3m34s
    I wonder with the M2 and PD, with the insane battery life, and more button arrays, perhaps it's possible to essentially leave the screen always on and be able to toggle the EQ choice at any time (not necessarily using the touch screen interface but the actual physical buttons in a similar way to the video above).

    I listen to music 5-6hrs non stop, I'm pretty sure the 90-100hr battery life of the M2/PD can handle this even if the screen is left on...
    Hmm... I wonder... does the M2 and PD essentially also have a 'dedicated' eq button of sorts using the above method? With my i9+ it was kinda fiddly but perhaps it's a better user experience with the M2/PD?
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