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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Rekkxar

    They sell like hot cakes in a rich and hungry neighborhood. There were 17 of them two weeks ago, now they're out.

    Is this the normal Amazon selling rate? Also I'll not be getting mine for a well or so either. And this will be my first legit DAP.

    I think most good pair of phones will work as the EQ is said to be very versatile. But I'd try it without it mostly I guess.
  2. Eggs is eggs
    I've never had any issues charging my Plenue D. I ordered it earlier this year, though it was the silver model. I don't think it's a particularly well selling item, stand alone MP3 players have been niche products for years.

    It's a great player for the price, though some of the album art isn't showing up. I have all my music on Media Monkey and all the album art shows up there fine. I just drag and drop the music onto the player when I load it on there. I haven't had any other issues with it.
  3. mdtolic
    I have had some weird charging issues. Nothing consistent but every once in a while it will not charge from my MBP. I take the same cord and plug it into my wife's MBA and it's fine. But never a problem charging from a USB wart in an electrical outlet.

    For album art to show up make sure the file name is "cover.jpg".

    And I don't think there is a difference between the gold and silver versions. It's simply a color option.
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  4. Rekkxar
    To be fair, album art never did show up right in Foobar or sometimes in my phone, used to that annoyance. Also I make playlist as a folder, so no issue there I hope, and for my portable needs, 32GB is more than enough and the fact that I can add more is a luxury. Just hope it sounds significantly better than my phone.

    I've been keeping an eye on the market for that reason, Onkyo, Pioneer, Xudoo, A&K, Shangling, Sony and Sansa. The latter three being the said most selling items that are relevant to me at least. The numbers of unit available didn't budge much in any of those other than Sony and A&K SE1000, which showed initially there were 7 of them, now just 1 of the copper edition. Just curious.

    I'm buying this DAP cuz I love not using my phone for anything other than calling people. That is now a need. This will be my only player for a long time tho.

    Also, if I play things in 320Kbps, would I still be able to discern any difference between the phone and DAP? Ones that won't involve psychological makeups?
  5. Rekkxar

    Apologies for being a dummy, what's a MBP and a MBA?
  6. mdtolic
    Sorry. MacBook Pro and Air.
  7. Rekkxar
    Thanks for answering.
    Also, does that album are thingy work perfectly after doing that cover.jpg? Even my phone have flaws that have to be dealt with, tho it's an 8 year old model. Moto G3 if anyone would be thinking. Also I use AIMP which has something called openSL output, makes this phone sound better than most things, also can power my Audio Technica ATH M40X well.
  8. mdtolic
    If you add a .jpg of the album cover to the folder of each album and name it "cover.jpg" it should work perfectly on the Plenue D.
  9. Centagon999
    OMG! Amazon refunded my order from a seller for the Plenue D, so i cancelled and ordered on Ebay for about $20 less from Jetaudio. It arrived today in my mailbox but I won't get there till tomorrow. I'm so excited!
  10. Rekkxar

    Good for you! Please do share your experience with the PD here! Mine will come this week and I am counting each second I'm waiting for it.
  11. Centagon999
    Why oh why did i not go HiFi sooner? Lower volume, much richer sound than my Rockboxed Sansa Clip. It is a little bigger, so that will take some getting used to, but it's lightweight, and should fit in my pocket just fine.

    So ya, I'm loving this little dynamo so far. I only have 20gb of music. It took about an hour to copy to my new Plenue D. Not bad.

    I use cheap in ear headphones, they're red and have "xx" on the backs of them, i think i bought them for $25-$30 a few years ago.

    I think this even sounds better than a 5th generation ipod i had awhile ago. Left it sitting on a bus seat, and haven't really missed it that much.

    I hope the Plenue D will be my friend for a very long time.
  12. Rekkxar
    What is Rockbox?
  13. Centagon999
    Rockbox is a mod for some audio players. Changes the UI enhancing equilizer settings, fonts, and even has some games. https://www.rockbox.org
  14. Rekkxar
    Does it change sound quality directly?
  15. Centagon999
    Some say yes, some say no. It really just adds features to the interface, more than anything. However, it's not available for Plenue D. I think the Jeteffect settings are sufficient.

    And like i said the Plenue D is far better than the Sansa Clip. If you have one of the supported players for Rockbox I'd definitely give it a try.
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