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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. chimney189
    Has anyone been able to audition the Atlas with the Plenue D?
  2. GarfieldOmnom
    Hy I’ve just ordered a Cowon plenue D. Now is my question if I put firmware 1.17 and I use the method from post 796. Will a Samsung Evo 128GB SDXC card just play like it supposed to be without any problems?

    I am a big fan of cowon. My first mp3 player was the iaudio 6. Still the BEST PLAYER EVER! But he wouden’t go on and of when I wanted it. Then I got the D20. Also great but now he doesn’t always go the next track so I have to push the play/pause butten.

    So now I’m stepping up to the Plenue D but the thing is normally I only use about 3 to 4 ours of mp3 music on the player to listen to. But it would just be need to buy 2 card’s and put my whole library on it just for luxury. So it only has use for me if it works.
  3. mdtolic
    Anyone notice better battery life if the PD is stored without any phones plugged in? Like for over a weekend.

    EDIT: After unplugging my cable every day after work for two weeks I can confirm that my player is absolutely holding a charge for much, much, longer.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
  4. Rekkxar
    Read this whole thread long after ordering a PD, this was a rather good read, like a good book.

    So, first of, can the device (PD) be charged from a wall socket without any issue? Read some of the post where there was some charging issues, so I needed to ask.

    And, is there anyone who bought it this year, in this thread? I wanted to ask if the gold edition is really that slight a taint for everyone's.

    Also, I've been waiting to buy this for about two years, been saving up for it all the while. Used a Transcend MP300 and an MP350, both were under 50 dollars and probably the only thing other than an iPod (never wanted any Apple product, never will, personal want). Then I got a Moto G3, been using Foobar and then AIMP (It had OpenSL output, not sure what that it, sounds better than usual). First good earphones were the KZ ATE, been using KZ products progressively due to their really good price to performance ratio. Then I made the first jump to buy an Audio Technica ATH M40X, then a Fiio Q1 Mark I which I use with my phone and M40X. This is the 5 years of Sonic adventures that I've made myself get to. Pretty sure I'm the first to buy a KZ product, and also the first portable DAC/AMP combo in my place, also the first person to buy a PD too. I love sounds, the recreation of sound, and also the things that have to make them sound like they were designed to. I've been scrolling and reading through out-of-the-world-budget audio equipments and all of that, though I really don't know why I'm drawn here at all other than I love these things, that's a reason enough for me.

    I wanted to buy this item way before I saw reviews and all, the battery life and a bare bone DAP is what I was looking for anyways. 32GB is a bonus, as I only carry new tracks every week, not more than 300 or so each month, though I'll take my whole library if I need to, but that's for another time. So my usage is the bare minimum and I'm totally okay with screen lag, using a really old phone have some advantages.

    I'm trying to convince myself that there will be no sound difference from what I already have, so that I the least bias towards the DAP, what I have is good, so I am a bit skeptical. Like how, (mister) @BruceBanner pointed out, things don't sound that different, it's how we precieve it. So, unless this DAP has some really convincing sound upgrades, I'm sticking to being not impressed. I bought it for essentially remove my phone from me with something new and rather good (and not broken I hope), so I still love this thing even tho it's not here, it's already fulfilling it's purpose!

    Apologies for a long text and all, but God I needed to get this out. Sorry to make anyone read all of this, please be kind enough to clear my head off these minor yet potential issues that I might face.

    And thanks to the first guys who started this thread, no offense, but this thread was an awesome read, I think I can tackle the issues if any comes in front due to this thread. I'll try to assist and continue this thread as I can, unless it's totally dead...

    One can always hope. I'll give my impression of my experience with the PD here from a peasant's perspective.
  5. HamsterKing
    If it's dead means there is no complain about the product xD, the Plenue D is a good player with an awesome battery life for burning in of earphones and also it has Jet Effect that is the equalizer with a lot of preset equalize, don't know why but the PD works for 3.5mm output too.

    You can charge the PD with wall charger, doing that every week, the PD you can't plug in the micro USB and use an Amp but you can use 3.5mm to 3.5mm. and then not sure why my PD has dead pixel xD but it still works.

    You also can take a look at Plenue V
  6. Rekkxar
    Well, in that case, nice! This player would be awesome if it has no more issues.
    Good to know about the charging isn't inconvenient.

    Well, the V still doesn't have that battery life I had been looking for, also it's way out of my budget, but thank you for mentioning, I found out the new Cowon players that I didn't know!

    I've been using 3.5 to 3.5 from my phone to my Fiio Q1, so I'm used to that.

    How long after use did the pixel issue start?
  7. HamsterKing
    I think I am the only one having it haha I accidently put my PD too hard then boom a big dead pixel xD.

    If you like the PD I suggest getting a Dignis case but it cost a bomb it will protect the PD back from scractches and all, have been using it since 2016 no problem since and still running just fine. Another battery life DAP is the Sony A45 that thing also can last maybe go and try it out see which one you prefer.
  8. Rekkxar

    Ah, at least it didn't die, good build I suppose, I'll get a case after I save up, as for trying any other player, pretty sure there aren't any legit DAP in this country, and I'm too young to earn as much as an adult, lol. It took me two years to save up to this much, so buying anything else will take some time.

    This DAP will be an introduction to HiFi things, so I am okay with whatever it may sound like, as long as it's not worse than what I already have, that is a Moto G3 and a Fiio Q1 Mark 1.

    Though what genre would sound the most different in Hi-Res, not EDM most likely, live performances?
  9. mdtolic
    Since this is Head-Fi, what 'phones are you using @Rekkxar? The ATH M40 still? Solid choice. Have you read the posts on the PD's Jet Effect and EQ settings? It really transforms this player. I suggest going into User 1 and setting the BBE+ to 10 while keeping your EQ flat. Then adjust your EQ in small increments to dial it in during some listening. You'll then have the other 3 open presets to play more aggressively with.
  10. Rekkxar

    Yup, read this whole thread, I know what I've stepped into, one question though, is the equalizer really all that great? Like no other software or app can not be nearly as good as this Cowon?

    My M40X is a neutral-ish headphone, so I think I can use the equalizer to have some fun with it.

    Can there be a suggestion for any other headphone under $150? I might save up enough to get a planar headphone, I have a Fiio Q1, can I run a Monoprice Monolith M1060C with the PD and the Amp, or does it go against the purpose of this player?
  11. mdtolic
    I didn't say that but, yes, I do think it is that great.

    I'd say the PD is mostly utilized as a portable player so IEMs are probably what most folks here are pairing with it. The PD powers most IEMs very well so an external amp is usually not needed.
  12. Rekkxar

    Okay, so this DAP is for earphones, hmm, need a good earphone under 50 bucks.

    Anyone know something in that range that has good bass and soundstage and vocals? I can forgive lesser treble, I am looking for a dark and detailed "Giant Killer".
  13. ElKabong
    128gb is the max you can use in the PD, but you can get quite a few tracks on the microsd if you have 320-mp3's, plus put some on the D itself.
  14. Rekkxar
    Is it just me or is the Plenue D being sold like hot cakes in a rich and hungry neighborhood, a week and a day or two ago there were 17 of them in stock, now there are two in Amazon (.com).

    Is this a normal rate of selling?
  15. Centagon999
    Your post is very helpful, Rekkxar. I just purchased a gold version Plenue D, as it was the lower price (egads! Did i make a mistake?), and i notice that no one has answered your question about it.

    Admitting that I'm not really an audiophile but i do like using music for meditation, so i do pay attention to what i listen to. Figured i could use a good upgrade from my Rockboxed Sansa Clip.

    I won't receive the Plenue D for another week or two, they went from being 3 in stock to "in stock on Oct 8" before i purchased, and are now "in stock on Oct 13th". Holding my thumbs that it will arrive as was estimated.

    Anyway, I'm just glad i found this thread, and if anyone has any tips that pertain to the gold Plenue D, specifically - I will be grateful to see them.

    I'm going back through this thread as well.

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