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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Michael Nager
    I got two 128GB SanDisk Ultra micro SD cards for my Plenue D and have absolutely no issues with them.

    The cards cost £26 each - which is dirt cheap

    The thing is that they come formatted with exFAT, so what you will need to do is download a utility called "Rufus" to format it with FAT32.
  2. Danny_K
    Hi everyone,

    I know this may be a bit out of topic but does anyone know where I can find a cheap silicone case for the Plenue D? I've searched so much all over the internet for a LONG time and could only find expensive leather cases. Even the official case costs about 30 to 40 dollars and its not even available in my country. The only option I have right now is the Noreve leather case which I can get for about 27 US dollars including shipping(which is still expensive, but the cheapest). I know that somewhere in this thread someone had posted a link to a silicone case but even that is not available anymore. If someone knows where I can find one or someone has a spare for sale? Any help would be really helpful as I love the device and do not want to risk damaging it. Thanks!
  3. phase0
    I would have bought that silicon case too if I could find it. Unfortunately I got the expensive leather one as it was the only option...
  4. Danny_K
    Yeah. The leather cases are stupidly expensive and don't offer protection as good as silicone cases(like the ones we use on smartphones). I wish someone would sell them online. DAP manufacturers should offer silicone cases in the box like Fiio(and screen protector applied with spare). It would cost them next to nothing and buyers like me would have a peace of mind. It's a wonderful gesture as well.
  5. Sonnycz
    My simple mod :). Adjustable length lanyard. As I only wear my DAPs around my neck when listening.

    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  6. OGTL
    So I'll keep it simple. I tossed my Plenue D (and Marshall Stockwell but it survived. Left it under a fan for a week) into a river while they were playing.

    The Plenue D won't turn on any more. I have another thankfully because I lost it and immediately bought another one then found the first a week later.

    Contacting Cowon seems difficult/pointless. It's a few months old, have original packaging. I cracked the screen from dropping it multiple times as well but it's the swim in the river that killed it. My 128gb card survived so I popped it in my other Plenue D.

    I've dropped my Marshall Kilburn onto concrete/ashphalt from waist height at least 5 times. The stockwell has taken so many falls and abuse I couldnt count. The 3.5 jacks are both touchy now. I wonder if I can mod in RCA jacks..

    So I have a dead Plenue D and don't know what I should do. Sorry for not keeping it simple.
  7. El Gringo
    you could bury it?
    Now we know for sure that plenue d is not waterproof...

    Just got my dignis case :blush:


    Zeo-Gold92 and YCHANGE like this.
  8. slowpickr
    This sounds like a hardware vendetta to me LOL
  9. AcesZ
    Hello fellow Cowon users,
    I'm looking for a replacement for my good ol' J3 (unfortunately its' battery rarely charges properly) and the closest I've seen is the Plenue D.
    Is it a worthy replacement as far as usability/UI/battery go?
    Not using any high-end headphones (currently using SoundMagic E10).
    Or are there any better options at this price point?
  10. Eggs is eggs
    I got mine as an upgrade to the iAudio 10 and I'm very happy with it. If you like the Cowon sound and UI, it's a great <$200 player. Not too sure how it compares to Fiios or anything else in the price range though, I've been using the budget Cowon players for years and never been disappointed.
  11. Sonnycz
    Plenue D was my choise for my very first hi-res music player. I found there are players from othr brands in the same price range to consider - Sony, Fiio, Hiby, Shanling, Cayin...
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  12. oneula
    I have both leather cases for the Plenue the one with the screen cover and slots to hold 4 additional microsd cards is a little bulky but protects the screen
    anyone know a good small amp the size of the plenue?
    been using the topping NX1s

    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
  13. Crisppacket
    I used the Topping NX2 with my Plenue D. Great battery life and sound.
  14. Zeo-Gold92
    I've had my PD for awhile now, I really like it, haven't been able to afford a sweet case for it though. I would like to get one of those Dignis ones. Right now I'm using it in a soft pouch made for a small phone.


    It works fairly well except that the opening can be a pain to get open to slide the PD in. The colour I have is brown. Really cheap on ebay.
    I am new to all this sort of stuff but I wanna get an amp+dac or headphone amp, I want one thats portable that I can have in my pocket. The headphones I want to use it with would either be Grado SR80e or AKG K420s . I mostly wanna use them for metal and rock. Would this be an okay choice of phone? Or would another combo altogether be better?
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  15. AcesZ
    So, I got myself a Plenue D!
    Anywhere I can find some JetEffect settings?
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