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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. LCMusicLover
    Sorry if my post was mis-leading. I assumed the question was just whether one could used a balanced cable with the single-ended output of the PD.

    I've got a 3.5mm male TRS to 2.5mm female TRRS adapter. I use it with my PD and balanced IEM cables so I don't have to swap cables. I figure swapping cables is a significant opportunity to break the IEM or damage the cable. Clearly still getting Single-Ended output from the PD to the IEMs.
  2. NewEve
    Two questions regarding the Plenue D and its use. Am I the only who:
    • Experiences battery drain when not in use for a while?
    • Likes it with the EQ is set the BBE and nothing else "fancier"?
  3. technobear
    Are you using Sleep Mode? The battery will run down in sleep mode. However, the battery will run down very slowly even when turned fully off. This is just the nature of lithium ion batteries.
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  4. NewEve
    This might be it--thanks!
    I'll just have to be careful I guess...
  5. ukie
    For anyone interested, I found a perfect alternative to that case made by cowon.

    It is the Mytagalongs Earbud Case, made out of neoprene. The pouch fits the plenue d pretty much exactly, with a little bit of space on top that for a 90 degree headphone jack. Has a small mesh pocket inside for something small like sd cards.

    Only thing I think it's lacking, is some kind of loop for a carabiner, but that can be sewn on easily enough.

    I stumbled upon it at a local nordstrom rack that had it for five bucks.

    Edit: original post was because I got an SD card that wasn't working, I got ripped off on Ebay. Once I replaced it and figured out how to format the 128gb to fat32, it seems to work fine.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
  6. bluedolphin
    Hi have some UCI been released for Plenue D, i want a different one than the one i have
    it is good is fun to try new Uci but it must be compatible and tested?
  7. gazzington
    I am after a new dap for taking to work each day. Sound quality is important. It's between one of these, Sony a35, ibasso dx80 or can any of you suggest anything else.
  8. ukie
    I was choosing between the sony and the plenue d, myself. I think the main advantages of the sony, are: better display, better UI, a physical hold switch. The cowon has way better battery life (100 vs 18), and better SQ. I was looking for something to use while traveling, so I went with the cowon. One less thing to need to plug in often is important.

    From what I understand, the ibasso has better sound quality then the other two. I think it's also a desktop dac. But the battery is abysmal, it bigger and bulkier and costs 100 more. Although if you don't care about such things and only interested in sound, it's the way to go. At this price range there are other options to chose from as well.

    also check this out if you haven't seen yet:
  9. gazzington
    Thanks. Sq is mostly important for me as I can charge often at my desk. Are there other saps I should consider?
  10. ukie
    There are a number in that price range, I was looking for good battery life, so didn't really look at most of them tho.

    the ap200 looks really promising if you can wait, though. I think they just finished their kickstarter with a great deal of support! Fiio x5 iii is a good option too.
  11. jaseface727
    Hi All,

    I'm greatly enjoying the sound quality from this little guy, but it's the first DAP I've owned that by default lists all bands starting with "The" as beginning with "T" rather than the first letter of the following word. Is there any way to rectify that, short of manually editing the names of all such bands?
  12. BadBanana
    I wouldn't try to do it manually. I would use some of the cleverer tag editing features in Mp3tag. Since it can work across a bunch of folders, I'd use it to look at all folders containing files to be edited (they can contain others - it doesn't matter).

    Then set up an Action in Mp3tag.
    The required "Field" is ARTIST (or ALBUMARTIST, as needed)
    The required action is "Replace with regular expression".
    The field "Regular expression" is entered as ^(the)\s(.+)$
    The field "Replace matches with" is set to $2, $1
    Save the action.
    Select all of the tracks to apply the action to. You can sort the view by artist if you like to help you select only the files beginning "The..."
    As written here it only modifies files with artists beginning with "The " (with a space) so it's pretty safe to select all files if you want to. .
    Apply the newly defined action to the selected files.
    It's pretty quick, so do this on a test folder the first time just to test the effect. Once set up it should take very little time to edit hundreds of files.

    Finding out how to get the best out of Mp3tag takes a while, but it's well supported with lots of examples on the Mp3tag website and elsewhere.

    I found the above here - https://forums.mp3tag.de/index.php?showtopic=14775 - I just tried it as written. It "just works".
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2017
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  13. gn28
    How do you turn off that flashing LED? It is driving me nuts?

    Thanks a lot !
  14. EricPlenD
    4 square button(menu button), hit the wrench icon(settings), hit system, then hit LED>off.
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  15. El Gringo
    Hi All, seems like i'm in trouble . Just get a second hand plenue d. The firmware was 1.17 europe with this bloody volume limitation. Second, my files flac were not recognize by the dap.
    For these 2 reasons, I format the dap (put the system file on the side). But when i turn it on, my pc doesn't recognize the dap. I reset and now my computer can see the dap, but with 19go of files with weird signs, like an alien language. Nothing works any more. What can I do ?
    This problem is written in the manual but no solution is given !

    Thanks for your help

    EDIT : i format the dap in exfat and after a while it came back to life :cold_sweat: then put the fw 1.17 US. Everything works except the flac files still not recognized. It did the same on my cowon D2. The same flac are well played by my smartphone...
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
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