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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    The D specs are so clean and resolving, that if you do a double blind test you would not know if you were double amping or not when volume matched.  So it's really a null point if it's double amped or as a 1v signal, technology today is only improving. The D is great no matter line out or not. If it had a line out and another with the same specs did, I doubt you would be able to measure or tell the difference.
  2. amf14
    Ohh.. The small size.. The claimed battery life... and then The soft part of me gave in so I bought a PD (with a brown case and 64gb MicroSD). Update to latest FW went well. Formatted the microSD to FAT32 via my Mac. Filled it up with MP3s and FLACs! Connected my Hifiman HE 400i! BOOM! Music nirvana!
    A very able compliment to my DP-X1. The JetEffect adds to the fun. Very musical. Not tiring at all. Doesn't come near what the balanced output of the X1 can bring but I'm not complaining. 
    Later.. I have to tinker...
  3. leo5111
    i actualy prefer the Cowon Plenue,s sound over the Fiio  X1, i had the X1 and then got this
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  4. slowpickr
    Welcome to the Plenue party! [​IMG] 
    Most of the currently hyped players (e.g. Shanling, Fiio, Cayin, etc.) have a battery life of 8 to 15 hours tops maybe (?).  What Cowon has done with the PD size, sound and battery life really amazes me.
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  5. amf14
    Yeah.. The battery meter isn't budging. 
    I am liking the Funk EQ. Good low end but doesn't sound like too V-shaped. 
  6. sleepingawake
    I have a Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro+Oneplus One+Poweramp. If i get this player, will it really make a difference in 320kbs mp3s? I don't have flacs or high res audio.
    I can also get Sony A15 for a good price. And amazon prices ares up again. I can buy Sony A15 100$ cheaper. Should i get Cowon Plenue D or Sony A15?
    I'd like to buy a spotify ready player, but i won't give more then 500$.
  7. Skint

    If spotify is a must then this player isn't for you. However I am very confident you'll appreciate the sound quality improvement over the A15. The sony has better and faster UI but the cowon has better sound and a battery life. Using the jeffect eq, makes a difference on all file types.
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  8. Jackpot77
    The A15 is also a little underpowered compared to the Plenue D - if you are trying to drive anything that requires anything but the bare minimum of juice to shine then the PD is a better option.
  9. sleepingawake
    Well, today i went to Sony store and tried A15 and ZX2. I couldn't believe my ears, Oneplus one+poweramp software easily beats Sony A15. I was thinking ZX2 would be much better, yes it was a bit better than A15, but i can easily say that my Custom One Pro's sound much warmer, larger soundstage and much better sound than a dedicated mp3 player.
    I tried also Lg V10 which has a dedicated Dac, and Oneplus One was better. If i can find a Cowon and listen, i'll give it a try. Poweramp sound modifications are amazing!
    Yay, even ZX2 was lacking. Even full sound, it was like it needed an amp. It was like %60 of my Oneplus One top volume.
  10. jmills8
    try this phone http://m.gsmarena.com/huawei_mate_8-7239.php
  11. EvilJesus
    Wanted to say thank you for the heads up on the tempered glass screen protector for the cannon 60 being compatible with the PD.  Order one off amazon for six bucks and it works great.  It doesn't go from edge to edge, but covers the touch screen perfectly.  Once in the official case you can't tell it's even on there. 
    Also like to say I love this little thing.  I only have a pair of Momentum 2 and M100.  I thought my M9 and Tab S2 were fine until I read a article a few months ago about DAPs.  Wrote it off as BS at first, then ran across the PD.  Once I seen Amazon had the gold/black for 199, thought I'd give it a shot.  So glad I did.  I really thought the difference was the placebo effect at first.  The more I switch between sources to test it out the more I'm sold.  I truly hear fine details in the music I've never heard before.  I've been going back years in my library listening to albums I've heard hundreds of times and it amazes me how much better they sound.
  12. nanoc
    I don't know if this has come up before, or if the thing is the original one (I haven't received the one i ordered yet... had the stupid idea to request regular mail... so a long wait might be in order), but this fine site of portable hifi from Valencia has the covers at a real bargain price: 
    They also have the official screen protector for 4€. Worth checking, if the deliver outside Spain 
  13. MarkGL
    Hi all, I read some pages back that the D doesn't have support for 200GB micro sd cards. Is that still the case?
  14. Tokyoghoul
    I think he is talking about the Onkyo DP-X1
  15. audio123
    great case!
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