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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Hi-Fi'er
  2. Hi-Fi'er
    You can do this "trick" but have to realize the Plenue is still on but in a lower state called sleep mode which will no drain as much as running obviously but still drains and if you do not listen to the player for a long time (no idea how long) you can drain and possibly damage the battery so it's not a permanent solution just a work around that has a huge drawback if not careful.
    If you listen to the D every day sleep mode is good, but if you listen to it here and there I would turn it off, but of course that is up to you or anyone to decide.
    The way I use mine is I turn it on first and by the time it's loading I am spending the time getting the earphones out and inserting them properly, which by that time the D is way more than ready to go.
  3. Vitor Valeri
    Good idea! I'll go do that. =)
  4. leo5111
    100%??? i know even the best amps will start to distort a little if you go to 100%
  5. Hi-Fi'er
    That is what is stated in the manual. I tried it and I do not get any distortion with any of my amps. You always want to drive the amp at low gain and line it to highest signal levels. Works perfectly for me. If you can't do that then set the D at 59 as that is around 1v. 
  6. Sound Eq
    if only cowon would make the usb audio out possible on the cowon d, I am sure many chord mojo owners would immediately buy it as a transport to the mojo
    one thing I do not like is the lack of cowon presence on forums related to music gears like head-fi or others
    it seems they are too good to pay attention to users like us :)
  7. Vitor Valeri
    How I wish that Cowon did like FiiO here at Head-fi forum ... Much remains to they get a customer service with decent quality.
    The Cowon sell much more if it had a better communication and exchange of ideas with customers...

  8. Hi-Fi'er
    Maybe via a Firmware update? Have to reach out to them to see if it's even possible. Likely not or they would have implemented it initially.
  9. electroremy
    Hello everbody

    I'm French and your board is the only place where I can find useful information about my cowon plenue D
    So I've a Cowon Plenue D with 1.14 firmware and 128 GB SD Card
    I've met several problems; for some of them I've got solution:
    - 1st: file limit
    The manual indicates "12000 file limit on 32 GB built in memory and 24000 file limits in SD card"
    It's false!
    There are 8000 file limit on 32 GB built in memory and 16000 in the SD card
    As the Cowon Plenue D displays no one error message, it was a crying scheme to discover limits does not fit those in the manual
    Tip: 8000 file limit on 32 GB is OK, but 16000 file limit on 128Gb is poor... So you have to put your 8000 smaller (or less) MP3 in the 32 GB internal memory and the bigger file on the 128Gb
    - 2nd : album merge bug

    If your have two different artists that have album with identical titles, the Cowon will stupidly merge the albums !


    For eg., if you have both Dandy Warhol’s “The Black Album” and Prince’s “The Black Album” so the Cowon makes you a strange and unique “The Black Album” with both Dandy Warhols and Prince tracks !


    The solution is to rename your albums and also tag your mp3 files : in my example “The Black Album (Prince)” is OK


    It’s a big problem because a lot of artists have album captioned “Greatest hits” or “The Singles” or “Live”


    - 3rd : The Cowon will not recognize MP3 files that are OK in Winamp or IPod.

    The way to find these “invalid” file is to use the file explorer on windows. If windows is not able to display extra colomn info as “title”, “track number”, “album title” that is your MP3 file is bad ; you just have to re encode it with software like Format Factory


    If you have programmer’s skills, it’s easy to check an MP3 file is OK:


        Private shell As New Shell32.Shell

        Private shFolder As Shell32.Folder


    For each album path :


        If ChkScanValiditeMP3.Checked Then

                            shFolder = shell.NameSpace(AlbumPath)

        End If


    And for each MP3 file :


                                TrouveTypeAudio = False

                                For Each s In shFolder.Items

                                    If shFolder.GetDetailsOf(s, 0).ToLowerInvariant = IO.Path.GetFileName(MP3File).ToLowerInvariant Then

                                        For n As Integer = 0 To 34

                                            If String.Equals(shFolder.GetDetailsOf(shFolder.Items, n), "Type identifié") Then

                                                TrouveTypeAudio = True

                                                If Not String.Equals(shFolder.GetDetailsOf(s, n), "Audio") Then

                                                    Erreur = " => FICHIER INVALIDE"

                                                    AffErreurFatale = True : PresenceErreurFatale = True

                                                End If

                                                Exit For

                                            End If


                                        Exit For

                                    End If


                                If Not TrouveTypeAudio Then

                                    Erreur = " => FICHIER INVALIDE"

                                    AffErreurFatale = True : PresenceErreurFatale = True

                                End If



    Note that "Type identifié" is french ; you will type the correct text in your window’s langage ("type identifié" means "identified type")
    You may find useful information in MSDN website about Shell32.Folder and shFolder.GetDetailsOf
    - 4th : duplicated genre
    For this problem I still not have solution so I need your help !
    All my MP3 (~21700) have correct TAG ID3V1 and are OK
    But Cowon Plenue D shows me “duplicated genre” ; I have both « Hip-hop » and « Hip-Hop », and both « Psydadel. rock » and « Psychedelic Rock ».
    It’s very harmfull because albums of same artists will be randomly dispatched on a genre or it’s strange clone.
    Now I search a way to force the Cowon Plenue D to entirely rebuilt it’s database. A kind of “big reset” if you know what I mean.
    Also, copying files is VERY slow with the Plenue D – 15 hours for all my files
    Thanks – Rémy form France 
  10. Vitor Valeri
    The manual says:
    "- The maximum number of files and folders that can be recognized
    by the product:
    12,000 (Built-in : 8,000 files + 4,000 folders)
    24,000 (microSD : 16,000 files + 8,000 folders)"
    You confused and added the number of files and folders. But I agree that it is too little for a micro SD card 128GB. I believe the Cowon will release a new firmware to change it.

  11. electroremy
    The french version of the manual indicates : "Nombre maximum de fichiers et de dossiers pouvant être reconnus par
    le produit : 12,000 / 24,000 (microSD)"
    They don't talk about it was 8000 files + 4000 folders and 16000 files + 8000 folders
    Moreover, Cowon France say the same thing in their french website, FAQ and Q/A. They talk only about 12000 and 24000 file limits.
    When I go to the internationnal website of Cowon, I cannot access to the Q/A and FAQ ; they displayed a message indicates the adress of the french distributor
    As the french website is up to date (last firmware 1.14 published in august 15) I suppose that all is OK...
    Once again, translation to others langages from english or asian langages is very poor...
    Thus, the fact that Cowon display no error message and have no ".log" file make troubleshooting very hard
    At the end of database update, they could just display a message "all is OK" or "there are error please watch error.log" - it's a real joke for a hight end product to not have this basic feature !
    What about my question : how to "kill" the database to force the Cowon to re-create it from zéro ?
    I think my strange "double genre" problem (see at the end of my message) is due to firmware update ; I suppose the last firmware don't have same names for ID3V1 genre number (as in ID3V1 genre is a byte, from 0 to 255, each number corresponds to a predefined genre)
  12. Vitor Valeri
    If you format the player, format FAT32 and then copy the firmware files (like installing a new one) for the system to come back.

    Note: After formatting not disconnect the player, copy the firmware files first.
    I already formatted the Plenue D and it worked that way. It recreates all system folders later.
  13. electroremy
    Format and recopying all files takes a lot of hours...
    And where is the database for the files located on the SD Card ? File limits are stranges ; it's like each memory have it's own database
    Indeed my genre problems affect files on the SD card
    In one post of this thread a member said "delete database files" but he doesnt explain how
  14. electroremy
    PS : I've already try to put the firmware files again
    The Cowon makes firmware update, then long database update, but the problem doesnt disapears
  15. leo5111
    Quote:does that mean i bound by  "OMERTA" now? [​IMG]
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