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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Dark Helmet
    Having trouble playing back AIFF files on the D.  I formatted a 64G card on my Mac via ex-fat and it shows the extension as AIFF-C on the files, but it doesn't show on the D.
  2. rockwell
    ex-fat never worked for me. i always used fat and master boot record when i deleted my sd card.
  3. Hi-Fi'er
    Right, I believe it says in the manual to use FAT32.
  4. JeremyLaurenson

    No replies - anyone?
  5. Hi-Fi'er
    Why can't you make one?
  6. JeremyLaurenson

    I can't get any to work - looking for a working example
  7. Hi-Fi'er
    If I make one what file is it that you need off the PD?
  8. Hi-Fi'er
    Ok I made a playlist. Now what?
  9. Vitor Valeri
    He just wants to know if making a playlist with songs that are in internal memory and micro SD card, it is possible to hear normally without getting alternating between the internal memory and micro SD card. I think that's the doubt.

  10. rockwell
    that's why i gave up trying to get along with dapper. i guess i might just be to dumb to use it properly. now i hope apple is kind enough to refund me [​IMG].
  11. Hi-Fi'er
    It must be internal, but not in memory as if you turn off the PD it would be lost, likely a file is created to retain the info like the EQ etc. Would have to play with it to see if that is true but I'm not willing to mess with it.
    If it's that important to know, check all the folders file sizes and note them, then create a playlist and see if the sizes are increased. If they increase then it's being created in a file, and you can note the size difference. If there is no increase then you know it's in the memory.
  12. JeremyLaurenson
    I am looking for an externally created playlist, copied to the Cowon, that actually works.
    This will allow me to create a profile for it in Dapper.
    So far, it seems like external playlists do not work at all, which was the case with the he other Cowon players.
  13. Hi-Fi'er
    Sorry what is dapper? What file extension does it need to import a playlist? I did online search and only found some Itunes app. Is that it?
  14. leo5111
    so on latest firmware how is the D? im not  a SUPER audiophile, my headphones are Denon ahd-600 with a Fiio x1 and a Fiio E12
  15. Vitor Valeri

    I found this very good the last firmware (1.14). The Plenue D is MUCH BETTER than the FiiO X1.

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