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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. pat1984
    I don't think being loud is same as being able to drive something well. My Note 3 can get very loud with many of my iems and headphone but it certainly can not drive them well.
  2. shigzeo Contributor

    Actually, you'd be surprised. A small bump in volume is enough to make people think a thing sounds better. While really simplistic, as long as ample current is there to ward off voltage drops, a headphone should be driven well.
  3. angelo898
    HAHAH FINALLY! many people would disagree with you on the android phone section of the forum since the note 3 has a good internal dac chip for a phone
  4. jmills8
    But a weak amp.
  5. angelo898
    which is why i never liked the way the phone sounded
  6. taffy2207
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  7. Pacman123
    [color=rgb(33, 33, 33)] Error Correction stop when you remove the SD card at boot ( Additional delay when switching directions ) Short scrolling text display improvements - Display a list of the artists 'All Music ' tab - The browser displays the currently playing file - Additional buttons appear depending on whether the music player options menu favorites Register - Fixed symptoms do not seek APE file bit rate information - Keypad input window processing modification limit ( 12 characters -> Input window width) - Fixed symptoms song changes direction in which the animation behavior contrary - Error correction SD card that is being displayed in the list of built-in memory when you go to the parent folder in the browser - Gapless playback of WAV files to improve the screen off state[/color]
    Here is a translated list of what 1.11 does
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  8. Skint
    New firmware updated, sooo much smoother and faster with on screen button presses. Keep it coming Cowon.
  9. morndewey
    Firmware update only appears to be available on Korean site, not Cowon Global yet. Am I mistaken? Does that matter?
  10. taffy2207
    No and no it doesn't matter.
  11. morndewey
    What is the best way to format a micro sd card to FAT32? I see the guiformat recommendation in the manual, but when I google it looks like a hornet's nest of options. I saw a detailed, step-by-step approach in a previous post here but going back I can't locate it. Much appreciated.
    P.s. loving the sound on this thing. UI aint bad. Recognizes all my tags too.
  12. taffy2207
    I use Smartdisk Fat32 Format utility. Works like a dream for me.
  13. Vitor Valeri
    You can make a video showing the improvements of the new firmware please?
  14. HiFlight
    Just downloaded and installed v.1.11 and can confirm the touchscreen operation is very crisp and snappy. Haven't had a chance to observe the other improvements/additions over v.1.10.

    Nice to see responsive product support!
  15. Paulus XII
    Great news, updating.
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