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Cowon P1 Mint 270 shipped priorty mail usa only

Trader History (13)
  1. leo5111
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    i have the box but cant find the accesorys except for the Leather case i bought it dec 30th 2017 has LITERALY 50 hours or less on it, i bought it brand NEW 280 shipped priorty mail usa only 52784506_267504860854361_4956127504914972672_n.jpg 52849921_592269281247693_6215531307603066880_n.jpg 52851997_808634769471519_1124331560879783936_n.jpg 52914695_314325402556680_1990429943959388160_n.jpg 52987312_306666813367067_4337191531803836416_n.jpg 53030459_1374678139335609_6042619489088962560_n.jpg 53255437_425394728003974_5702306634403938304_n.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2019
  2. leo5111
    Bump price drop
  3. leo5111
    Bump price dropped to 300
  4. TremWolod
    usa only?
  5. leo5111
    i dont want to hassle with cost of shipping to another country and customs
  6. TremWolod
    shipping and customs for me but there may be difficulties but I understand
  7. leo5111
  8. leo5111
  9. leo5111
  10. jmills8
    Im interested and where I live no customs.
  11. DocHoliday
    Couple of questions:
    Does micro-sd have to be formatted fat32?
    What is the output impedance?
    Screen protector installed?
    Is that a scratch on the screen or a reflection?
    Any photos of the leather case (separate and fitted on P1)?

  12. leo5111
    No screen protector but yes that 1 pic is a reflection or something there is no scratch ,output impedance I'm not sure, the card I used fat32 so no idea if you have to use that
  13. leo5111
    I'm not home till Friday but I'll post pic of case then it was never used and no scuffs or scratches I'm just lucky I guess that way
  14. leo5111
  15. leo5111

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