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Cowon J3 screen sensitivity?

  1. TheMarkRemains
    I know a lot has been said about the sound quality of these players, but I have a separate real world question. 
    Personally I can't stand the iPod touch screen/playback options over the classic. I need buttons. I really don't care for touch screens but I need the capacity of a larger player (hence he 32 GB J3 with expandability). iPod touch doesn't have album shuffle or the ability to 'lock' the screen (unless it's timed out and even then it's iffy). 
    If I am keeping the player in a back pocket, will the J3 work for me without skipping ahead, locking or otherwise becoming a nuisance? Do these players have an album shuffle feature? Buttons work well?
    I realize these players have higher mW output than the Apple products, does that result in higher output volumes or simply the ability to drive higher resistance headphones?  

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