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Cowon J3 - Personal User EQ Settings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by proedros, Jan 2, 2011.
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  1. proedros
    So i got my J3 and i am wondering if any audiophile/audio engineer/sound-geek dude here have made any GOOD user EQ settings.
    The ones already present/preloaded  (BBE MP , BBE VIVA etc) are ok but the enemy of good is the best (or sth like that) so....
    Post your own EQ picks you have made , along with the set of IEMs you are using
    I am currently trying to make a good one for RE-252/262 , I will be back
    Until then , post your own findings of THE PERFECT PERSONAL EQ MATCH
  2. proedros
    Ok here is one I made for use with the RE-262
    i think it sounds better than the pre-fixed which i find too bassy and bloated - better highs and tamed lows
    Let me know if you have any suggestions - i am kinda new to the sport but i think it's worth a shot trying it and maybe doing a tweak here and there and coming up with a better one
    (this took me over an hour to do , so be nice [​IMG] )
    105Hz +1 Normal
    300Hz +1 Normal
    1.1KHz +3 Normal
    3.0KHz +5 Wide
    9kHz +5 Wide

    BBE 9
    M3B Off
    3D sounOff
    MP Enhance On

    STE 3
    REV Off
    and this one (which is v.2 of the 1st one)
    105Hz +0 Normal
    300Hz +0 Normal
    780Hz +4 Wide
    4.1KHz +5 Wide
    11.7KHz +4 Normal

    BBE 8
    M3B 2
    3D sound 3
    MP Enhance On

    STE 4
    REV Off
  3. Bennyboy71
    Thats a ***load of enhancement mate.
    I just put the J3 in 'normal' setting with the 262s and it sounds peachy.  I'm driving it with an Arrow as well though, so your mileage may do the varying thing.....
    I'll try your setting though - but be warned: the J3 has so many bloody options, it can be a slippery slope into hair-tearing madness.  Certainly lead me down that path when I had the SM3. 
  4. proedros
    Yeah , take those eq with a huge grain of salt - i have deleted them and made some new ones [​IMG]
    I think the most important thing is the quality source
    I am listening to an AMAZING vinyl rip of santana - lotus and it sounds awesome
    No eq , no nothing . Just normal.
    I am using my 252 since the j3/262 don't sit well on my ears....
    anyway this eq thing is real fun if you have some time to spare, problem is that with each album comes a different tweaking...
    Endless possibilities i tell you Benny...
  5. proedros
    new , improved ,and most important SUBTLE eq settings
    This works great with my  J3/RE-262 pairing - rememeber to tweak a bit to find your preferred flavour , i have all 4 user eqs orbiting around the following base settings - give or take 1
    BBE : 8
    MP Enhance : ON
    SE : 3-4
    LOWS : 0/-1
    MID-LOWS : 0/-1
    MIDS : +2,3
    MID-HIGHS :+2,3
    great sound at last - i am finally sold on my 262 - step away 252 [​IMG]
  6. Bennyboy71

    Those are pretty damn good settings mate - am enjoying them right now.  Probably sound slightly different to your set up though, as I have the Arrow in tow too, with Bass boost set to I and Gain to II.  But still, these settings are really really nice and really help bring the music alive.

  7. proedros
    Glad you dig them brother , as i told you pm-wise , just play with the freq width(normal/narrow.wide) to see which one you like best
    But in general lines , yeah these work really nice as they tame the bass and help clear the highs to a nice level while keeping a beefy mid
    I am having the sound to a cool 27-28 and these don't miss a beat without sounding too harsh/sibilant/muddy
    I read some nice eq articles and i understood the whole width concept , but really just start with those numbers as a base camp and work them around
    The 262 sound exquisite now , for a while i was almost thinking of seling them [​IMG]
    And stop torturing me with subconscious msgs about buying the damn arrow i don't have the money so please stop lol [​IMG]

  8. cardozo
    This is my configuration, used mainly for my Shure SE530. The funny thing is that it is practically the same that I use with my Ety ER4P:
    105Hz +4 Wide
    220Hz +2 Wide
    1.1KHz 0 Wide
    4.1KHz 0 Wide
    9kHz +2 Wide

    BBE 7
    M3B Off
    3D sounOff
    MP Enhance On

    STE 1
    REV Off
  9. sdhobbs
    These settings sound perfect with my SM3's!  Thanks cardozo!!


  10. cardozo
    Im glad to read this!
    And do yourself a favor: If possible, listen to the first two works of Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath and Paranoid) in Flac files, with your SM3 and these settings. Its a real eargasm! [​IMG]

  11. sdhobbs
    Don't have any Black Sabbath but my Beatles FLACS have never sounded better!


  12. fallingreason
    Not to criticize your settings, but I find that my FLAC files sound better with much more minimal settings, particularly the enhancements like BBE and MPE.  They seem to ruin the faithfulness that FLAC files contain.  I'm surprised that with IEM's as neutral and competent as the SM3 you would enhance your FLAC file playback.  
    I find those settings to make MP3's come alive wonderfully though.  However, there is a big difference between listening to a flac file and an enriched MP3.
    Lately I've been using the following with my IE7's:
    80 - Wide - 0
    500 - Wide - 0
    1.1k - Narrow - 1
    4.1k - Wide - 2
    13k - Normal - 2
    BBE - 4
    Mach3 - 10
    MPE - ON
    SE - OFF
    I have a duplicate profile with MPE off and BBE off for FLAC files.
    I find the balance to be great with my IE7 when listening to most types of music.  I'm fairy certain (by memory) that I prefer the sound of the J3 to the Sony X1000.  All around feature wise, the X can't hold a candle to the J3.

  13. Bennyboy71
    When I had the SM3, they just needed a marginal upper mids and treble enhancement to get them sounding better with the J3. Thats all - no other enhancements required.
  14. sdhobbs
    What would I do without this forum!  Of course your are right fallingreason.  I tried your eq settings below with all enhancements turned off and was rewarded with a clean natural sound with just enough treble to brighten up my dark SM3's.  All my music is FLAC ripped with EAC from the original CD's. 
    No offense to cardozo's settings but they sound boomy and un-natural in camparison, they are fun to listen to with some music so I will save them.  I love the way you can toggle between user eq settings while playing music, it makes it easy to compare and narrow down what sounds the best.


  15. cardozo
    No way I felt offended!

    I would just remember that this setting is to use with my Shure SE530. And, going further, this configuration was initially designed for my ER4P. [​IMG]
    Enjoy this awesome player!

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