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Cowon J3 32GB + 32GB MicroSD

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  1. dschlaefer
    For Sale
    First off, this is my first sale or purchase here on Head-Fi.  That means no feedback, so I wouldn't be surprised if no one is willing to take a risk on a new seller.  I've been a lurker here for more than 5 years, but of course that doesn't necessarily mean anything.  For what it's worth, here's my feedback from the only other place I've done trades online.  I've listed this on my local Craigslist as well, but since it's a bit of a niche product I figured it was worth a shot listing it here on Head-Fi.
    For sale is my nearly perfect condition Cowon J3.  It's the black, 32GB capacity player and I'm including my 32GB microSD card.  It has no scratches or blemishes, just the tiny plastic flap that covered the USB port is missing (I took it off intentionally because it was a pain to open all the time).  Battery still holds a charge; I ran a test for someone on Reddit and it lasted a little more than 45 hours straight at listening volume on my Jaycar FA-003 clones.
    I'll include the charcoal Ringke case that's been on it from the beginning, as well as a barely-used pair of MEElectronics A151 (They don't quite give me a good enough seal, hopefully someone else can use them)
    Payment would be paypal, and feel free to PM me with any questions.
  2. mayajoe
    Do u still have the cowon?
  3. mayajoe
    Will you send to HK
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