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Cowon iaudio10 on MAC

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dannyd123, May 25, 2012.
  1. dannyd123
    so im planning to buy an iaudio 10 soon and i wonder if it bricks the same way as it does with the j3, i only have a mac, no other computer in the house, i want to know if there is a certain type of way to connect it and transfer music and videos to the i10. 
  2. dannyd123
  3. gshay
    Just three months ago, I went through the same problem, owning only Imac's. The replies I received were less the encouraging 
    as in " how stupid to buy a Mac when you CANNOT do ANYTHING COWON WITH IT".
    I have the J3 right here, and using only a Mac have enjoyed ALL the music from my ITunes collection and more.
    First find `Blue Harvest" software Free and install on Mac. Every time you are ready add more music, clean caches & cookies
    and re-boot. Plug in your new  model 10 and transfer all. BUT WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED  EJECT EJECT EJECT !!!!
    You know, just like any other Mac item. Right click and eject un-plug and eject, pull it out and play. The Blue Harvest does something to clear the Mac.
    But you can use only a Mac and still enjoy Cowon products, i.e. IAudio  J3, or 10.
    Enjoy ! 
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  4. dannyd123
    Thanks for the info! i havent got my cowon yet, its still shipping but im downloading the software right now [​IMG]
  5. dannyd123
    what software do you use to transfer your music into your cowon?
  6. gshay
    As I mentioned above, after `cleaning, etc. merely open the Cowon on your desktop, right click to see the contents in the Cowon, find music folder, then i copy & paste from my ITunes folder (which is of course imported into Itunes at the highest bit rate) straight into the music folder in the Cowon. Close Itunes, close the Cowon, then as mentioned above,
    right click and EJECT the Cowon. But be sure you have the BlueHarvest software installed and prior to transferring you re-boot the Mac. Once you EJECT you should be able to enjoy. And when adding other music in the Cowon, do the same thing.
    Wish you the best of luck, without a doubt you will love the Cowon, regardless of the model. It does take some certain "understanding' to figure the Cowon out. :) (( 
    I tried thinking as an Asian, it did little good but It is early here now, but listening to the J3, a  classical musical station as I type. Wunderbar !
    das va Danya !
  7. dannyd123
    THANKS GSHAY! help out a lot. my iaudio10 is pretty messy though... most album art is missing, some reason it doesnt have album names or artist some names. but i really enjoy my cowon, just got it today.
  8. gshay
    Outstanding !
    It might take a couple of days to adjust to the Cowon and the `way the designers think' But you will find yourself with it more then without it.
    It is the middle of the night here and mine is fully charged and ready for some hours of listening. I deleted the artwork in mine. for when listening
    I do not care to keep looking at the screen.
    But you enjoy it and keep me posted, OK?
    Cheers or beers or both,
  9. dannyd123
    any other softwares like this you know of?? my mac has 10.5 leapord so i have to update my OS to get blueharvest to work. 
  10. mironathetin
    This thread is a year old now, but I just got my iAudio 10 recently.
    I use only Macs. The solution is to format the Cowon immediately as Fat 32 with Disk Utility (before you copy music). After that, everything works. Even firmware updates. No extra software is needed.
    The Cowon indeed sounds much better than the iPods and the interface works fine after a bit toying around. No reason not to get it now.
  11. mironathetin
    I have written a review for this spectacular sounding player on Amazon. Please find it here (Called: Does it work with Macs?).
    You'll find a lot of useful information about how to handle the Cowon, how to display album art, how to organize files and folders, firmware updates etc. Also some Mac specific problems. 
    All that is missing in the manual.

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