COWON iAudio E2 And iAudio 7 Coming
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Feb 25, 2009
"Folks looking for a new MP3 player will want to keep an eye out for two new COWON players over the next few days. The iAudio E2 looks like it’s positioned to take on Apple’s iPod Shuffle. The iAudio 9 will be the successor to the iAudio 7. Both devices are music players, and not multimedia convergence devices, but they’re certainly still worth looking into. The iAudio E2’s design in particular certainly warrants a closer look."

COWON iAudio E2 - COWON iAudio E2 And iAudio 7 Coming

Competition for the shuffle/clip?

Edit: Sorry. It's iAudio 9
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Sep 23, 2007
You might want to do a forum search next time before posting news. There have been 3 past threads on both the iAudio 9 and E2 within the past 2-3 weeks.

For example, the most recent thread was a small blurb on the iAudio9 with photos.

The E2 isn't even in the same category as the Clip/Clip+ as it's more of a PMP than a DAP. There's a 2.5" screen on the flip side of the device and supposedly a 1.3 MP camera built in as well. You'd have to check the Korean Cowon website for the full promotional pictures and renders.

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