Cowhide Padded Leather Headband from Turbiulent Labs for most Grado Models
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Nov 18, 2012
This is my first transaction here.  I have an extra brand new Black Manta headband from Turbulent Labs here in the USA. Usually when you order one, it will get to you in about 3 weeks but if you need one in a hurry, you can purchase this.  I only have one, which one of my pals decided not to use because his Grado was still under warranty.  I'm only asking for $ 40 which is the original cost of the headband + shipping to wherever you are in the US-- you decide the method.  USPS priority mail costs about $ 5.00 and it should be with you in about 3-5 business days, probably faster  you're in California.  If you want it overnighted, just say so.  Again, this is for someone in a hurry to get one of these, otherwise you could get one from Turbulent Labs.  There are pictures of it here:
IMHO This is by far, the best aftermarket padded headband available.  It has increased the comfort and appeal of my Grados. It is soft, thick and professionally stitched. The matte finish makes your Grado look classier so you don't get comments like, 'What? You paid $ ___ for that??'  Personally people have wanted to try mine after the headband :) and they thought it looked classier than a 325i's (Which is shiny and thinner--the thin metal band underneath shows through while this does not).
If I get multiple offers, I will honor the highest one net of shipping this Saturday evening if there are any offers.  I only take Paypal and since this is my very first transaction, I promise to deliver.
Thank you for looking.

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