Counterintuitive? Or is this just (my) Natural Progression?
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Yep, words.
Feb 10, 2006
I need warmth - lots of it! Liquid mids, full bass and euphony - analogue bliss.

Am I the only detail-head that's "evolved" like this? I used to own (and love) the K701 and my Grados had bowls on them for 99% of my listening. But no more.

Now, it's flats all the way. I can't get enough! I still get enough detail to be satisfied with the overall quality of my favourite headphones, but it just has to have that cohesive, warm sound. It's simply more natural, more "live" and alive.

I know tastes change, but this seems counterintuitive. My tastes in music haven't changed, my headphones haven't changed. From a fidelity standpoint, it almost seems as though this is a backward step but my ears, my mind and my shakin' booty cannot disagree more!

Anyone else discovering (and enjoying) the lush world of warmth? I'll tell you, once the initial shock of percieved muddiness wears off, there's no going back. Not for me. This is what music is about.
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You've found the mids. Lots of people end up there. Are you running tubes?And have you tried singledriver speakers yet? You'd like those a lot.
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Yes. Although I haven't heard too much, I've had a number of headphones and sources that were "technically" superior, yet they were gathering dust within a few days. I always try to convince myself that something is good because of so and so, and it never works

Once you find something you really like, don't let go of it. You can always just add other things. Also, assuming something will sound as "good" as it's price is just dumb

Oh yeah, I love my midrange too. Can't live without it
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Originally Posted by intoflatlines /img/forum/go_quote.gif
It's the opposite for me.. I started off with flats thinking that I wanted more bass, but now I love the bowls.

Indeed - and this is the most common progression, from my observations. The bassheads always come around.
And yet, here I am!

And Erik, you're right. I've always been a mids man, "it's where the music is", after all! But now I get it. It clicked. There's no turning back. Believe it or not, I'm currently ampless, but I've always preferred SS amplification (situationally specific, but usually true)... I wonder if this has turned around? I'm seeeeeething for CanJam. I must try the Zana Deux. And I'm eager to compare Ray's B-52 against the Apache again because last time I preferred the Apache by no small margin.

At any rate, "Team Natural Presentation" FTW?
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Yep....I started out caring about detail and frequency all I want is warmth and soundstage. I prefer my Ultrasone DJ1s to my Grado SR325i for this reason, despite being a cheaper phone.
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I prefer the overall timbre of the Grado HF-1 with flats pads rather than bowl pads. Then sound isn't nearly as detailed, and doesn't have as much soundstage, but it sounds far more natural to my ears, and much fuller obviously. I've tried putting bowls back on numerous times but always go back when I hear the flat pads again.
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Its not that weird.

I am a total mids person - and i have planar speakers - mids bliss!
The soudn is not the most detailed - but it makes the whole room just sing.

Though out of my headphones - i crave detail - but it has to be a full detail.
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Originally Posted by Asr /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You can thank me later.
I'll probably be bringing them to CanJam too but not entirely sure yet.

C'mon... you know you wanna!

But, did I not read a certain something about a certain headphone having a certain craving for breakfast?
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Said headphone did have a certain craving for a certain headphone for breakfast, but fortunately the other headphone didn't digest too well and ended up being regurgitated. It then proceeded to pummel the other headphone for trying to eat it. There was an interchange of words followed by a further pummel. Needless to say, the wood and leather did not survive the battle...
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I quit the midrange club a while back..

But i found that the headphone with the absolute best midrange is the K501.. Pity it's lacking in bass, otherwise it'd be perfect for me

The Edition 9 is the best compromise i think..
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