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Counterfeit Shure SE846 Dissected

  1. TenderTendon
    I figure some of you may be interested in seeing this. These are a fake pair of 846's I received from eBay. I got refunded and eBay said that I must destroy them. Perfect time to see what's inside. I can't imagine any possible way to make these cheaper.
    The earphones as received:
    With the clamshells separated. It was very simple to separate. No ultrasonic welding here:
    Driver housing, elbow and plug connector:
    Driver removed from housing:
    Driver voice coil gap:
    Voice coil and diaphragm:
  2. DeLuX
    So you bought these thinking they were real? Or you bought these to get refunded?
  3. alffla
    Hilarious that they made a fake Balanced armature looking enclosure for the single dd. haha
  4. Roen
    Looks like the Chinese market DIY 846's that are being sold on AliExpress for a couple hundred bucks.
  5. alffla
    Most of the Taobao / Aliexpress DIY 846s at least have real BAs inside - this one takes it to the next level
  6. ForceMajeure
    I posted a similar post yesterday in the chinese iem thread...seems to be a less case isolated than I thought.
    If you don't mind posting your case over that thread also so it could help others to see it.
  7. TenderTendon
    OK, I'll do that now.
  8. TenderTendon

    I bought them thinking they were genuine. The cases and accessories are all genuine. Here's a pic from the auction:
  9. newbielive
    What tipped you off that they were fake? Did they sound horrible?
  10. TenderTendon

    Yes, right away I noticed they had no bass. I was going to try a bigger tip to get a better seal and noticed that there were no notches in the nozzle for the nozzle tool to mate with. At that moment I knew they were fake.
    newbielive likes this.
  11. qryche
    These shure eaphones are all sold by spanish sellers.
    You can check the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/SHURE-SE846-Sound-Isolating-Earphones/152375913081?_trksid=p5411.c100170.m2943&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140131123831%26meid%3D359f1eba20804a66b75dc965b02d1a39%26pid%3D100170%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D152375913081
    and I already reported them to ebay 3 or 4 times and they still selling these. There are at leat 3 different spanish sellers from Barcelona selling counterfeit shure se846 and already sold some units above 500 euros!
    But they don´t sell only shure se846. They already sold several Sennheiser ie800 and AKG 3003 all of them fake and many buyers think they were buying genuine items, according to the given feedback.
  12. thebrain
    I have heard, and it would seem reasonable, but I wanted to check with the knowledge base here: That the fake SE846's only occur in the colored varieties, but not clear...since you can see the expensive innards
  13. dnadler
    Thank you for posting this.  I fell for this scam too, I knew it was too good to be true getting the SE846 for 499 bucks.  I got my money refunded but eBay did not request I destroy them, eventually I gave them to my daughter because I bought clear shell real ones from reputable store.  Only interesting thing is that mine actually sounded very good, only reason I figured it out is because I had a pair of real ones than I lost and replaced them with the cheap fakes, I don't most people could tell difference for my fakes except people that had used real. Then I saw that the sound nozzles could not be removed to change filters.  Your fakes even went as far as having the box and all accessories, yikes.  I loved my original ones so much that I actually paid money to get them again after losing them.  In the meantime I tried multiple IEM's and nothing came close to the Shure.
    Thank for posting the dissection, I found it very interesting.
  14. overgang
    How about 670 bucks? Too cheap to be genuine? I'm considering this purchase, but hesitate. The seller has a good reputation on eBay, and the low price can be explained by the business model (grey import).
  15. Ferbako
    Hello, can I ask something?:
    -Did you receive the box closed as a brand new article or was it opened?

    Befor read your advice abour shure´s fake iems ...I just bought a pair of SE846 very cheap ones in Amazon,they come from China and...Im SCARED


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