Could the Maximo iMetal-iM590 be the best bang for buck IEMs?..possibly.
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Oct 29, 2006
On my way to LAX from the airport yesterday I happened to bump into fellow Portlander and designer of the Monster Turbine and Turbine Pro, Kevin. I had met Kevin in two of the earlier Portland area meets.

We were exchanging notes on the show and happened to end up talking about the Monster IEMs.

He asked me if I wanted to listen to them as his plane got delayed and we had an hour and half to kill.

I plugged in the turbines to the IPOD touch and I was digging it enough to make me keep them in my ears. I won't go into details.
Anyway, after listening to the turbine, Kevin handed me the Turbine Pros. They were a marked improvement over the Turbines and had my foot tapping. A bit of bass bloat was evident but rest was quite pleasing.

But then I happened to pull out the Maximo iMetal 590. Maximo's manager Andrew H has been the sponsor of the last 3 Portland area meets and happened to be sitting next to the Audeze table with the new iMetal 590s. he handed me a pair to try out and let me know what I thought of them . I was and still am a on and off user of the iM-390S which is almost 2 years old now and going strong as ever.

The packaging was a huge improvement over the shrink wrapped ones that the 390s shipped in.
As I proceeded to listen to it, I happened to notice I was nodding my head along and had a wide grin on my face. Without saying a word, I smiled and handed the pair to Kevin to listen to.

After he listened to the track he removed them and said he thought they sounded very good. I liked the cloth wire as well..its not sticky like the turbine , turbine pro which can get entagled very quickly and easily.

I think the Maximo iMetal 590 is a nice investment on a pair of dynamic style IEMs. And for 60$ it is a very good VFM. I am still burning these in and will post a short review in a week or two on the Maximos.

Anyone ele who heard these IEMs at canjam got an opinion on these?

i know Vicki was impressed with the sound.
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turbine pro? was this something they announced recently?
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Originally Posted by ethan961 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
turbine pro? was this something they announced recently?

Yes i believe it was a production sample...going to be released soon..300$ MSRP.

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