Could I build the quality I can buy?
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Mar 12, 2007
I'm thinking of buying a set of floor-standing speakers - something like Paradigm Monitor 7's - and I'm wondering if building from a kit (i.e. Madisound's Eton, or something similar) would get me there cheaper?

I'm an avid woodworker so making the cabinets is no big deal.

I would be buying the components in a kit. I'm not interested in adding speaker design as a hobby, I'm just after mid-sized competent speakers.

What do you think?
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Yes, DIY quality is excellent. Don't limit yourself to kits, though some kits are very good. But there are many, many excellent DIY designs where you build from plans and don't need to design anything. I've built these:

DIY ProAc Response 2.5

Fantastic speaker and a relatively easy project. There are thousands of others out there, too. You can build your own electrostatic and ribbon speakers if you want.

Give it a try.
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Use quality parts (connectors, solder, cable, isolation, ...), and learn how to properly solder it all together.

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