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Corpse Cable for MrSpeakers Headphones - 6 ft Lenth

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  1. Allegro maestoso
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Like-new condition.

    Made in Bozeman, Montana. "Dead Quiet - Dead Accurate - Dead Serious."

    Amplifier termination: male 4 pin XLR. Headphone terminations fit MrSpeakers Ether/C/Flow/Æon. Red indicator on right channel connector.

    With Corpse cables, owners of MrSpeakers headphones will notice significant ergonomic and aesthetic improvements over the stock DUM/DUMMER cables. Smooth, pleasant to the touch, with excellent "drape" and "flow," this cable's high end elegance is obvious.

    From the Corpse Cables web site:

    "... only the best top quality materials like the awesome Mogami 2893 braid, a killer Neutrik 4-Pin XLR, E-Valucon SN-8-4 (P) connectors into the MrSpeakers headphones and super-clean Cardas quad eutectic solder at all joins."

    Corpse 01.jpg Corpse 02.jpg Corpse 03.jpg Corpse 04.jpg

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