Corda Opera help plz
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Jan 7, 2008
Hi, today I have just receive my OPERA
and I have just bought the icable Monster Cable -- Monster® iCable® for iPod® and iPhone™
to connect the Opera to my laptop. After connecting, I got no sound at all
In addition I also bought the stereo RCA cable from monster which has 2 RCA in (red and blue) and 2 RCA out. I use it to connect the OPERA to my computer which also has 2 RCA input. I also got no Sound
The voltage selector of the OPERA is 120 V
I am in US.
Can anyone help me? did I buy wrong cable or choose wrong voltage
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Does your Opera has USB connection? or is it the analog version?
Check your Opera if it has USB input at the back, and if it does, go buy USB cable and connect it to your laptop, it much better than using mini to RCA cable plugged to your laptop soundcard.

You're in right voltage, and if it's not working (w USB) thats means something wrong with your unit.
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The analog version does not support hooking it up through USB. Use search to find out why this is.

Your playback options are to use the two RCA jacks in the back of the unit. The opera works like a normal preamp; set the selector knob to the pair of jacks you want.

As far as the cables go you will connnect the Opera RCA inputs to the Laptop sound output which is normally a 3.5mm stereo headphone out. After that it's configuring your windows/mac/linux to play sound out of whatever jack you are using in your laptop. Plug in your HP, turn on the Opera and then play a CD.

A simpler way if you have a CD/DVD deck is plug those RCA plugs from the audio out jacks to the Opera, toss in a CD, and play it. It will isolate if its a problem with the Opera or the laptop configuration.

Good luck!
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When I owned the Opera with DAC, it occasionally happened (i.e. connected and playing but no sound and flashing) to me, too. Just turn the amp off, give it 30 sec and turn on again. That usually does it. The flash means no signal from DAC.

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