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Corda Headfive SOLD

  1. GuOD
    It's time to sell the Corda HeadFive I've been using for the last little while. The unit is in really great condition except for a small nick on one side and a little nick on the back edge (both are visible in the pictures I took). It will include a power cable (I've moved and my cables got switched... it might be a computer PSU cable, but it works the same). I don't have a box but it will be packed carefully for shipping. It also includes the pouch it came with (found it while moving)
    I am located in Canada so the amp will be shipped from Canada.
    I'd like to get $SOLD USD shipped.
    For Canadian buyers, please PM me and we can work something out via EMT.
    Original specs posted by Dr. Meier.
    Specs for Head Five $250 (10% goes to Head-Fi):
    limited series of 500 amplifiers
    ALPS potentiometer
    Crossfeed filter
    Power supply: 110/115 or 220/230 Volts switchable
    Power uptake: 3 Watts
    Maximal amplification (1 kHz): 10 dB
    Maximum output: 12 Volts
    Input impedance: 12 kOhm
    Output impedance: < 1 Ohm
    Toroidal transformer
    Nichicon capacitors, (all bypassed with film-capacitors).
    Four LM6171 opamps and
    Two BUF634 output buffers
    All capacitors in the signal path are polypropylen or polystyrol

  2. GuOD
    bump! I'd love to keep this in Canada :)
  3. GuOD
  4. GuOD
    lowering price to $
  5. GuOD
  6. GuOD
  7. GuOD
    price lowered to $ shipped!
  8. GuOD
    bumpbump! need to sell this :D
  9. GuOD
  10. GuOD
    Price now $
  11. GuOD
  12. GuOD
    dropped price!
  13. GuOD
  14. beachgeek
    Is this similar to the Corda Head Six?
    The Head Six is selling for $155 shipped
  15. GuOD


    I'm not sure what the Head Six is or how it compares to the Headfive. I just know that this Headfive was a special one for Head-fi :)

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