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Copy ipod music to pc

  1. Happy Camper
    Old fart here wanting to get my music backed up from my ipod to hard drive. I don't want to remove it, just copy it. I have a lot of music on it that I no longer have and don't want lose it to a software update. I'm using a first gen Classic from 2008.
  2. notsimar
    Do you have anapod?
  3. WraithApe
    Found this link - https://techjourney.net/copy-or-tra...-from-ipod-to-pc-and-computer-without-itunes/. Haven't tried it myself, so no idea whether or not it works but comments on the page seem to indicate it does.

    One of the main reason I ditched iPods (long-time Classic user) was the one-way synchronization and the need to have iTunes installed. Foobar has an iPod Sync plugin, but it's still a hassle compared to just being able to view + manipulate the files on your DAP through good old Explorer.
  4. Music Alchemist
    Last time I used an iPod classic, I was able to manually move files to/from my computer and the DAP via iTunes as long as I configured the right settings before connecting. That was years ago, though, so that may have changed.
  5. Happy Camper
    Thanks gang. I don't want to use iTunes because of it's proprietary controls. My issue is I put this music on the ipod from an old computer. The music was in it's drive. I can't get it off that computer now and didn't get it backed up before it went bad.

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