Cool Ken Rad tube ad
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May 24, 2006

This ad is from World War 2. And if I read it correctly, they stopped production for commercial use to supply the military during a time period during the war. The tube is dressed as a warrior too.
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There were lots of great wartime ads, and yes, tubes and parts were severely restricted during the war.

Which reminds me, I've got a manual around here somewhere from the war years that tells you how to repair electronics when you don't have the parts - stuff like winding your own resistors, etc. If I can turn it up, I'll scan it into a PDF and shoot it over to Pete Millett for his archive.
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The company no longer makes radio tubes, but the plant is still here. It was sold to GE in the 40's and later GE sold the plant. A couple of products of the company is now radar units and alcohol testing devices sold to police departments.

If you are ever nailed for speeding or have to blow into an alcohol detection device, you'll take great satisfaction in knowing where they were made.

For more info, here is their web site: MPD, Inc. -- Holding company of subsidiaries that manufacture breath alcohol testing instruments, traffic radar products, and microwave, ceramic and metal components for federal, state, local, and foreign government agencies worldwide.

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