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Continental Dual Mono Tube Rolling Thread

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Jun 2, 2015.
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  1. Ultrainferno
  2. raypin
    Mmmm.....lol! I'm sure that somewhere there are many unemployed, 70 year old tube makers. Can't we force them back to work and start churning those damn tubes? Lol! I'm so damn happy today.....I don't know why......
    The desperate search for these Mullard tubes![​IMG] 
    I left word to my trusted supplier lets see if they jump out .. for a confrontation he has never let me down ...
  4. sonickarma
    Almost traded my Mullards in a deal with other bits for the Oriolus MK2 - glad I didn't now
    Seems like they are now almost impossible to get
  5. raypin
    mmm......nyah nyah nyah nyah! Lol! Oh the humanity........seriously, any of you guys getting the CV5?????
  6. rylim
    I haven't owned the 
    Personally I haven't owned the CDM yet, and I'm still wondering if it is a good match with Shure SE846 IEM ? But anyway, thanks for the recommendation. 
    Mullard 6112 ? Is it the best vacuum tube? 
  7. eboch
    I owned a CDM and the SE846.  It was a REALLY good pairing.
    I spent some time with Ken Ball listening to the pair before I bought the CDM.  He said the same.
    The combination of each tube with the CDM may give you different nuances in the sound but we say that in general, if a headset sounds good already doing "rolling" pui find the best result also depending on your taste ..
  9. mscott58
    I hope to get a CV5 back in my stack! Was a great experience for the few days I got to play with it, courtesy of Mr. Ball. 
    Was going to pull one of the Mullards out of my CDM and plug it into the CV5, but since it was a short-term loan didn't want to mess with the CV5 too much. 
    Once I get one back I'll be sure to let you all know. Cheers
    raypin likes this.
  10. raypin
    Mmmm....how is the RF shielding holding up on the CV5, compared with the CDM, which lights up like crazy when stacked with a smartphone or even DAPs on wifi?
  11. mscott58
    Yeah, unfortunately that's still an issue in my experience, at least with the prototype that I got to play with. Cheers 
    raypin likes this.
  12. rylim
    Wow. I'm wondering what genre of music you listening to ? 
  13. Seamaster
    the bassline of 846 is unmatched, yet
  14. Seamaster
    I ordered CDM because i feel 846 is kind of cool sounding
  15. mscott58
    Well the CDM will "warm" it right up! [​IMG]
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