Continental Dual Mono Tube Rolling Thread

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Jun 2, 2015.
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  1. Seamaster
    I got my ALO refrece 8 balanced on the way
  2. haiku
    New tubes for my CDM, soldered to pcb in Japan especially for me. More about it when I find the time.

  3. Wuthoqquan
    What brand/type are these?
  4. haiku
    They´re vintage Sonotones. They have an extremely well transparency and resolution, with excellent treble and mids. Much better than the Sonotone tubes from ALO. They´re ultra rare, but sound absolutely sublime, though I have other vintage tubes, which sound better still...... :smirk:
  5. haiku
  6. haiku
    A little look into my private vintage tubes collection. 13 pairs and counting.

  7. haiku
    Of course I also have all of the ALO tubes, too! :)

  8. haiku
    Listening with vintage japanese mazda tubes atm. Build 1966 !

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  9. tracyca
    WOW, I have had my CDM for over a year and never changed the tubes before last week. I replaced the stock with the 5719 and it does run cooler and longer. Where can we find the rare tubes for this gem?
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