Contacting Ultimate Ears - Jeanette Coffey / Brad Jensen
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Jul 2, 2004
I'm seriously considering pulling the trigger on the UE11s but I have a some questions I'd like to ask beforehand. From what I've read, Jeanette Coffey and Brad Jensen are the people to ask.

Could someone PM me the email address for Jeanette Coffey or Brad Jensen @ Ultimate Ears please?

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I don't think they have certain emails, because when I had to do it, I think I had an email from Jeanette and it just gave me the default email...just tell them at the top that you would prefer to talk to Jeanette or Brad.
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They do have individual company emails. Jeanette and I talk atleast weekly about my ue-11's and my ue-5c.PM sent. You can always email the custom department and pretty sure it will go to either one of them.

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