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Considering upgrading my HD 555 to HD 650

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Denon2010, Oct 8, 2017.
  1. Denon2010
    So I have a HD 555 and I removed the rubber thingy inside which supposedly turns it into a HD 598 offcourse what I noticed was garbage bass now that it has been removed there is no bass.

    I wonder what kind of upgrade in quality am I going to experience with a HD 650?

    I use a Xonar DG sound card the Amp does 150 ohms headphones on "exciter mode"

    I wanted the wood cup fostex but at $525 it just seems way too expensive. And I am NOT interested in mass drop my purchase MUST be on Amazon and also direct from Amazon llc for reasons I am not willing to discuss here.

    I hate how little to no sub bass the modded HD 555 are currently, and I also LOVE open back headphones and I love the sennheiser sound signature it's one of a kind I love the dark laid back tone of my HD 555 I never found ANYTHING that replaces this beauty of a sound I get from these and I tried many headphones.

    My music are lots of movie sound track, Interstellar hans Zimmer and well other stuff like Lana Del Rey because her music has this really laid back dark cold vibe to it.

    I have heard the HiFi man 400i is a better headphone than the Hd 650 but I dunno.

    I liked the look of the Fostex planar magnetic headphones and the price is nice at $375 but Zeos Reviews guy said they are terrible and to stay far away from them.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Xonar DG's headphone amplifier is really not going to drive the 300-Ohm HD650.
    With the Xonar DG, best Sennheiser to get is the 50-Ohm HD598 or HD599.
  3. Denon2010
    Hi what about the HD 579? the color looks better I like the grey black.

    Also thoughts on Fostex TH-500RP or Th 610?
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Not sure on the Fostex headphones, but the Senn HD579 should work fine with the Xonar DG
  5. Sefelt103
    There is also a big difference between the HD555 (modified or not) and the HD650. The HD555 was always quite neutral and balanced, going to the HD650 has more bass as well as more bass extension and overall a thicker sound. The high frequency is also diminished making the HD650 a much darker headphone than the HD555. There is also more colouration throughout the frequency range. Another thing you'll notice is there is alot of clamping force with the HD650 which was never the case with the HD555. The HD650s are harder to drive than the HD555 but they're not as hard to drive as many people think. The HD650s improve from the headphone out of portable players all the way up to expensive DAC/amps. They are quite a change from the HD555s though.

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