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Considering selling entire home rig for a cheap portable IEM (Maybe custom?)

  1. AppleDappleman
    So lately I've been realizing that I don't get much use out of my Lyr and HD650. It seems even a hassle just to listen to it on my bed when trying to sleep since I can't turn my head at all. At the moment I've been considering just getting IEMs and possibly getting it reshelled or getting custom ones in the first place. 

    So far I've been looking at the IE8s consider the price aren't ridiculous. I'm probably just going to get an E17 again since I had it before and I really enjoyed it. Just wondering, what are some other options I have? I would be willing to get an IEM for 300. Possibly custom ones for 400 but thats only if the sound is significantly worth it. 

    So any recommendations are welcome! I know my full sized headphone stuff very well but when it comes to IEMs...I'm lost haha
  2. AppleDappleman
    I could get a different amp but the for 140USD I consider it a steal. Sucks that the dac only works when connected to comp. wish it did when connected to iPod.
  3. AstroTurf
    I find the 300 dollar Etymotic ER-4 series to be very good.
    They can be found cheaper, have a 2 year warranty, and excellent customer support.
    Good Luck with your search, Jim
  4. AppleDappleman
    Are all customs in the 600+ range? I can't really find any cheap ones haha.
  5. Huxley
    Best bang per buck imo is my rocoo d dap, and yamaha ep-100 that joker has just reviewed.
    The yammies are a bit laid back, but the rocoo compliments them, by bringing out a bit of sparkle.
    For the money it's a killer combo.
  6. Hasashi
    It can be used as a dac connected to the iPad, but again, that isn't particularly convenient...
    as far as IEMs go, the ER-4 is quite good. Take a look at the westone 3/4/um3x as well. If you're wiling to extend your budget a bit, there's also the ATH-ck100.
    for customs, there's the JH-5, 1964-T, the Clear tune monitors CTM-200, and the Heir Audio 4.A. I've one a decent amount of research on these, but having never had customs before, you probably want to do some looking up on your own. Some say that a re-shelled TF 10s also works wonders but once again, I have not heard em before.
    This is what I gathered from my own browsing the forums so take a look at joker's thread, as mentioned before. I have the UM3X and am quite happy with it, and was considering getting it reshelled, but as I looked deeper into IEMs.. more and more options came up and there were so many choices that in the end, I decided to just stick with them for now [​IMG]

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