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considering buying iMainGo X portable speaker?

  1. Sulawesi MK
    (I hope this is the right place; I didn't see anywhere else that seemed right either)
    I have been looking at portable speakers, and found this -- http://www.amazon.com/iMainGo-Portable-Speaker-Protective-Players/dp/B00429ZTCE/?pf_rd_mnb=ATVPDKIKX0D34&pf_rd_stb=center-2&pf_rd_rat=0817NMRY4ZRQZM6P18TH&pf_rd_t3r=101&pf_rd_ptd=470938631&pf_rd_ied=507846&tag=buaazs-20&pf_rd_ptd=470938631&pf_rd_ied=507846
    Does anybody have any experience with this speaker? The main points about it that I like are its portability, the lithium-ion battery, the multiple input/output options, and that it would serve as a case for my zune as well.
    Feel free to suggest alternatives similar in cost/quality... :)
  2. dh12345678
    I have experience with the iMainGo XP. It sounds amazing but I don't know about the X.

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