Considering a headphone amp replacement, if necessary
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Jul 2, 2015
Recently picked up the DT-770 Pros to replace my HD380 Pros. So far, I am liking the sound as there is a bit more to the mids and lowers than the 380s. Currently they are being powered by a Topping TP30 without any issues. I am considering the Fiio E10K as a simple and smaller footprint amp, or possibly the Topping NX2. Not sure of the specific difference in sound quality, but the portability would be nice, tho not required. Mainly do my listening at home. 
My questions would be: Would either of these amps be a viable replacement for the TP30 and if so, what are the possible differences I may hear with either one? Does someone have an affordable suggestion also in the similar price range these are?
I appreciate any input
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The Topping TP30 is a t-amp speaker amp with headphone amp and dac capability built-in. I have not heard it, but I understand it is just OK, and not an equivalent for headphone use to comparably priced dac/headphone amps where you aren't paying for speaker amplifier.

Also look at the Schiit Fulla.

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