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Connecting Onkyo-9010 to M-Audio Delta-66 SPDIF Out?

  1. ernzo
    Hi there!

    I'm trying to connect an M-Audio Delta 66 card to an Onkyo 9010 amplifier thru Coaxial SPDIF,
    but it doesn't seem to be working at all..

    -Firstly, I'm using a regular Video RCA cable (Yellow tip, 1m).

    I know it's not the official cable, and I don't know about the 75Ohm load,
    but the idea was to at least make it work minimally, to determine if it could work at all before buying a new proper cable.

    Doing a little bit of research it seems ppl usually have no problem using regular RCA cables,
    and it seems to work unless very long wires are needed..

    I can understand with this cable there could be some crackles, jittering or synch problems, but..

    Shouldn't a regular Video RCA cable be good enough to work minimally, and determine if the feature is/will be working at all?

    -Secondly, this is how the card is set-up in the Hardware Configuration panel:



    There's other options that could be selected..
    mode: Consumer, Pro
    emphasis: none, 50/15
    data type: audio, non-audio
    scms: none(00), original(10), copy(11)

    And the way I'm doing it is: Stopping the audio playback, changing any of the Options/Sample-rate, then hitting Play again.
    However changing any of the Options, or the actual Sample rate has no effect..

    Delta seems to be transmitting, but Onkyo's D1 Led is blinking (as in not established), and all I hear is Silence.
    (or my tinnitus for that matter..)

    -So what could be wrong?
    What would be the best/proper Delta configuration for this?

    What would be the usual behavior of the Onkyo when feeding it SPDIF?
    Is it listening to the incoming signal all the time, and will Adapt to it automatically?

    Or is there something I should do to make the Onkyo better recognize the incoming signal?
    (the manual is completely empty in that regard..)

  2. technobear
    Can you test the cable with something else?

    Are you using the correct RCA socket on the Delta 66 card?
  3. ernzo
    Ok, it's working now!

    I've found some Component Video cables (RGB) laying around, and it worked immediately when using the Green wire.

    It seems Delta 66 configuration was allright,
    and I can even put it in "professional" mode, whatever that means..

    In terms of sound Quality I would say they're quite on par,
    SPDIF sounds louder, and perhaps.. a bit fuller/crispier?

    It's hard to tell, as the Onkyo plays both signals just as good..

    But heck, this Delta card has been bringin the goods for a decade now,
    it's good to have an alternative to relegate the task to :)

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