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connecting a Fiio e10 to an e9 - questions

  1. Bee inthe Attic
    I'm new to amps, so some help would be appreciated!
    I want to connect my Fiio e10 to my e9 (coming from my MacbookPro):
    1) Do I simply use a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable from the e10 line out to the e9 line in?
    2) Does it matter what kind of cable I buy? For under $20, do they all sound the same?
    3) To attach my desktop speakers, is it best to attach the speaker cable to the e10 line out using a splitter,
    or connect it to the e9 line out??
    4) While the e10 and e9 are connected, can I still use the e10 (to listen to lower impedance cans), or should I first disconnect it from the e9?
    5) Can I connect the e9 to my TV to watch movies, using the RCA line out?
  2. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    1.) Yes
    2.) Cables are highly subjective. For the most part, as long as they're well built, all cables will sound virtually the same. Cab;les should be the last thing you worry about in terms of upgrading.
    3.) Connect it to the Line Out on the E9.
    4.) Not sure, but I assume that if you're using the line out on the E10, the headphone out is unusable. In any case, the E9's amp is better than the E10's, and you shouldn't have a problem with low impedance headphones on the E9. Sensitive IEMs can be connected to the 3.5mm jack on the E9.
    5.) What do you mean? I assume you mean connecting the TV's audio to the E9. You'd have to use a cable between the TV's audio out (unless you have an optical out, like my TV) and feed it to the line in on the E9.
  3. Bee inthe Attic
    thanks MLE,
    3) should I connect the speakers to the e9 pre output jack, or buy a converter and connect it to the RCA line out (red & white).
    5)A) ya, connecting the tv's audio so I can use my headphones to listen. I don't think my tv has an optical out. should i just use a RCA (red & white) to 3.5mm cable, and connect it to my e9's line in?
    5)B) if I do have an optical out, do i just get an optical cable and connect that from my tv to the e9 line in?
    Thanks for your help,
    It's much appreciated!
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    What kind of speakers? In any case, if your speakers have its own volume control, connecting to the E9's line out is ideal, however, its fine to use the Pre-Out as well. If your speakers have a 3.5mm jack, just get a decent cables that do what you need. Monoprice has great cables for cheap. Like RCA female to 3.5mm, or 3.5mm female to RCA, etc.

    If your TV has an optical out, unless you have a dac that has an optical in or digital coaxial input (with the help of a toslink to digital converter) you can't hook it up to the E9. The E10 is a dac that works only through USB...
  5. Bee inthe Attic
    thanks again... think i have it figured out now
  6. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Also, keep in mind that the E9 gives priority to certain inputs. The Line in will always come first, so if you happen to have an E7 or (Alpen aka E17) docked and using the USB on the E9, you must not have anything connected to the Line in.

    Also, if you have a headphone plugged in, the pre-out is not going to put out sound until the headphone is unplugged.

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