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Confusion about Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro *please help*

  1. pimpl
    I'm interested in that particular IME, but I am a little bit confused:
    Some shops offer UE Triple.fi 10 (without the PRO), others are offering Ultimate Ears’ Triple.fi 10 Pro.
    So, are there two models? What's the difference?
    Also, there seem to be two different packages:
    1. blue and white:
    2. black:
    What's the difference? Can anyone help me?
    Thank you!
  2. DougofTheAbaci
    Basically? Packaging. To the best of my knowledge, UE has only ever sold two versions of the Triple.fi 10: The bog-standard model and the 10vi, which had a mic for iPhones. They no longer sell the 10vi, however. You can find out more info here:
  3. TheGomdoRi
    The black one is eco-friendly packaging. I would assume they are newer than the blue/white packaging. But they are essentially the same items.
  4. pimpl
    Ok, thank you guys for the info!
  5. fatthumb
    This don't seem to be answered yet, I'm also curious to know.
    In Amazon the "pro" version is more expensive (what's the difference???).

  6. phntmsmshr
    In amazon people will overprice an item on the logic that someone will buy without doing much investigating. The Triple.Fi 10 Pro used to be the full name of the product but Logitech removed the "Pro" to emphasise that it wasn't part of their custom line. If someone is listing it as Pro on amazon and charging more, they're either selling old stock under false pretense that it's "better" or they haven't updated their listing.
  7. ClieOS Contributor
    It is originally called the 'Pro' as every other UE models had been called. After Logitech took over UE a few year ago, they decided a shorter name is just easier to spell so they hacked the 'Pro' off, half the warranty and change the outer packaging a little bit. Pretty much just for marketing.
  8. fatthumb
    Ah I see thanks for clarifying, makes more sense now :D
  9. pimpl
    This forum is awesome! Thank you for the detailed information!
    Btw., what's a "good" price to pay for that pair of IEM??
  10. nextmick
    As its been said many times, welcome to head-fi.org!  We're sorry about your wallet. =D
  11. DougofTheAbaci

    Between $150 and $1,500. Though, if you're not going custom, $200-$350 is the sweet-spot. You can get some UE Trip.fi 10's or some of the better Shure headphones in that range. That being said, my policy is you spend what you can afford. If you have $500 to spend on headphones and a rig that can get the most out of them then that's what you do.

    Hahahahah! So true! When my parents bought their first sailboat a friend of the family (who also had one) said to my dad, "Congratulations! You now have a bottomless pit to throw you're money into!"
  12. pimpl


    Hehe.. now I get it! :wink:
    But 150$ would be great.. unfortunatelly I live in germany - cheapest price i about 239€! Damn!!!
    What do you think about an e-bay US-import? Costs about 230$ including shipping.. Does anyone know a better alternative and is willing to share with me? :)
    Anyway, thanks for all the replies!
  13. Yggdrassilious
    I got them from amazon for $95 BNIB and shipped. So... you know, think about your acceptable range. 


  14. pimpl
    What does 'BNIB' mean??
    How did you get them for so little? Were they used? on amazon US they cost around 180$..
  15. sari0n


    BNIB means Brand New In Box
    Amazon has sales every now and then where they sell brand new triple.fi 10's for $95.  I believe they've done it twice.

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