Conductor Air pocket sized USB DAC, Headphone Amp, Remote Controlled Preamp

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by newdoughboy, Jun 30, 2016.
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  1. newdoughboy
    It's time to get excited guys and gals.

    I don't know how many of you are in the market for a new DAC and more, but I know I am.
    Here is a new product that I discovered; and I am highly interested in it.

    I recently sold my desktop which had my sound card, so now I am stuck with onboard audio on my Alienware M17 R3. It sounds nice going to my Soloist, but I know it deserves so much more.

    The ESS9018 DAC sounds like a safe bet. Would definitely like to compare it to my DAP with Dual Wolfsons

    Can anyone tell me if OTG will work with phones with USB Type C? I'm also in the market for a new phone :p

    Please share thoughts!
  2. newdoughboy
  3. cyph3r
    Thanks for the link. Burson has a great reputation. Specs look definitely interesting. Any pricetag for this?
  4. newdoughboy
    I've been told it should be around $450 USD.
  5. Faber65
    And yes the OTG works with USB type C connectors
  6. jerick70
    @newdoughboy thank you for the link!  The Air looks like another winner from Burson!  I look forward to some impressions.
    Do you know if Burson will be doing an indiegogo campaign for the Air?
  7. newdoughboy
    So I'm getting more excited as more information reveals itself. Apparently there may be a collaboration with Audeze for an indeiegogo campaign. No firm dates, but soon. This should be fantastic!

    I wish I had enough money for the Conductor V2+ on indiegogo. Interesting to see which cans get matched up, or if there is a twist somewhere.
  8. newdoughboy
    Here's what I know.
    We'll be offering EL-8, SINE, LCD2 / Air combo perks as they sound amazing together : )

    Any they will consider fan requests for other combos. If there's enough interest, anything's possible.
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  9. nzvlam
    Wow!  Sorry wallet
  10. jerick70

    Burson should offer the Oppo PM-3 too. The Oppo PM-3s should sound excellent with the Air. They sound amazing with the Conductor V2+
  11. newdoughboy
    I agree in that oppos would sound nice with Burson. I see the issue of direct competition, that oppo wouldn't want to support Burson with a headphone discount partnership.
  12. Ultrainferno
    Burson has updated their website with more info on the Conductor Air. And the new Indiegogo campaign for it has been launched as well.
  13. peter123
    Nice, this unit looks very impressive.

    With the Burson reputation I'm super curious to see what they've managed to achieve in this size.
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