Conclusion to DT880, HD650, K701 Comparison
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Jun 15, 2005
They remind me alot of MS-2's. Really ballanced phones. Where the Ms-2 has punchier bass, the 701's bass fits nicely into the whole spectrum. Where the ms-2 feels a little two dimentional and forced, the 701 feels expansive and effortless. Lets not foget comfort! Heavy aluminum housing on the ms-2 made it rather uncomfortable, that and its supraural design. Circumaural and light weight are more than welcome.

After a long listening session on the 701's, the music takes on a wholistic feel. Switching it up with phones that have moderate bass, it seems like the bass and the music are two etirely different entities co-existing with each other.
Neither one is better than the other, its just an excuse to spend more money and have a variety of phones to suit your current desire.

This is with 15 hours of burn in and inadequite amplification.

All in all, I am content with the 701s' and don't see myself making another headphone purchase for some time to come.

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