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Computer Speakers

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dh12345678, May 17, 2012.
  1. dh12345678
    I have plenty of headphones I listen to, but I want some speakers for casual listening, like watching a movie or gaming. I want something that's around the $100-$150 price tag. I've been eyeing speakers like the Harmon & Kardon Soundsticks III, the M-Audio AV40, etc. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Mauricio
    Fostex PM0.4n ($199)
    Biamplified, active monitors
  3. dh12345678
    Any other suggestions? I will read some reviews of the Fostex PM0.4n monitors now.
  4. celcius
    Have you considered the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's?
  5. dh12345678
    Yes, I have considered them. Would you say that they're very good quality for the price?
  6. Crow T Robot
    I've had the Promedias for the past five years, and yes they are quite good for the price. They're a little lacking in the midrange, but they have clear, bright highs and a good amount of low-end rumble. They'd be ideal for movie watching or gaming.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    From what I've heard, the older version of the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 sounds better then the newer version.
    But you can get a used Klipsch Media Pro 2.1 off eBay for a good price.
  8. Penarin
    Yep.  The older (better?) ProMedias have detachable speaker cables for the main speakers.  The newer / current model has hardwired speakers.  From what I've read there are other internal differences as well, but the speaker thing is just a quick way to look to figure out which is which. 
    I really like my ProMedias, but mine are the older design... not sure how much of a difference there is in the sound quality though.
    The Swan M10 system looks pretty nice, but I haven't heard it.

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