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Apr 29, 2013
I am a complete newbie in the field and was hoping that you knowledgeable people can weight in. I'm looking to buy a set of computer speakers mostly for listening to classical music. I really don't wish to spend more than $150. I was looking around and have came down to a few options;
-Klipsch Promedia 2.1
-Swan D1010V (because I cant seem to find the M10 in stock anywhere)
-Lepai + Sony SS-B1000 / Dayton B652(Sony because Dayton is out of stock too)
Is the Lepai + Dayton much more superior than the active bookshelf speakers that I mentioned? I am considering the Swan because of the smaller size, but if the sound is significantly inferior, it might not be worth it. I am definitely open to other options. Should I concern myself with a subwoofer? Could you recommend me a set up that suits my needs?
I just really wish to enjoy good classical music from my laptop, and my budget is $150.
Thank you so much.

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