computer speakers for 50-150 with optical digital and tweeters
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Apr 16, 2013
I am looking for a decent set of speakers that have a good high and mid range. Bass isnt extremely important but would be nice. I have logitech x-140s, and i have bose companion 2. I also have some audio technica athm50s.
Logitechs are good for 30 bucks, but they are tinny, naturally.Or more so, they blur between mid and high and low.
My bose... well my dad's bose, are overpriced for 90. They arent much better than my 30 dollar logitechs.
I love my audio technica headset for the highs and lows, but the mids are slightly weak. If i could get a nice computer speaker system, 2.1 or smaller, with optical digital output, i would be really happy.
I want nice highs and mids with acceptable lows.
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A DAC could be better than your motherboard audio output (often times this is the case). But you are better off buying a separate stand alone DAC, such as the FiiO D3. That will give you a wider range of speaker options. And if you don't find much difference with the DAC, you could send it back.

I would recommend the Klipsch Promedia 2.1. Great sound for the price. Lots of positive reviews and testimonials for them on the web.

Alternatively, you could get this setup:$70/ Also great sound for the price.

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