computer source -> DAC problems
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Jan 28, 2004

at the moment i have my headphone setup (marantz cd player, denon DAC, pimeta, MS1s) right by my computer so i can use my computer as a "secondary" source.

Right now im connecting the computer through the nforce2s optical output (coaxial) into my DAC. The problem is every now and then the DAC will lose the signal (click, leds will blink a few times, click,) then pick up the signal again.

Im not to sure why its doing that, the DAC picks up the CD players digital output fine, never had that happen with the CD player.

So im guessing its some sort of interference or "noise" as its comming from inside the computer.

I would really like to solve this problem, becuase if i do ill invest in an intergrated amp and some speakers for those times where your not the only one listening :p.

anywho, theres a m-audio sonica for sale 2nd hand locally, so just wondering, do you think that an external sound card will solve my problem of the DAC losing the connection?

if so ill grab the sonica, thing is, i cant "test" it as its for sale in a local ebay type thing.


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