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computer/laptop amp for Denon AH-D2000

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ridfighter, Nov 4, 2012.
  1. ridfighter
    Hi everyone, I am looking for a portable headphone amp to power my denon d2k, I have a Fiio E11 AMP right now to listen to  from my iphone and now i am looking to buy something to listen from my laptop, i will like to keep the price around $70 and lower, Thanks
    btw i love Bass!!!
  2. Bee inthe Attic
    FiiO E10
    it's a small USB DAC/Amp, with a bass boost switch, and under $70.
  3. ridfighter
    i am actually thinking about getting the e17 now!! i need to expand my budget, is it better than all the fiio models?
  4. KCxSmacker
    The e10 or e17 would be nice. E17 is an all in one amp/dac so if you can go for that I would. 
  5. wippo808
    Correct me if I'm wrong on this but just FYI, I think the E10 can't be used as a portable amp, or at least from an iphone.  You could just use the E11 for portable use and have a E10+E11 setup at home, or go directly for the E17, which has a better dac than the E10 and is actually compatible with an iphone.
  6. wes008
    It'll work with an iPhone with a camera connection kit (at least it does with an iPad). But if that's your route, I would just go with the E17. The extra 70 USD is worth it for more portability, iPhone compatibility, and better SQ. Keep in mind, for the best sound out of your iPhone with the E17, you'll need one of Fiio's LODs (Line-out docks). Thankfully, they're pretty cheap.
  7. ridfighter
    thanks a lot, now i am leaning towards the fiio e17
  8. Bee inthe Attic
    Not sure why posters aren't reading the original post.
    ridfighter has an E11 for portable iphone use (which is definitely good enough for the Denon D2000's).
    now, s/he is looking for a portable amp to use with a laptop - which the E10 is perfect for.
    ridfighter, for $70 the E10 is a great value for your needs (half the price of the E17 too). read reviews on both (or better yet, buy both from a place with a good return policy, and return the one you don't like) and see which you enjoy more.

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