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Sep 21, 2010
I am looking for some help, but I do not know if I am posting in the correct section.  Forgive me if this is the case.
Foobar w/ wasapi>> xfi card>> Schiit Bifrost>> Schiit Asgard>> modded T50rp mostly
I recently bought Grant Fidelity B-283 mkII Tube Buffer/Processor:

At this point, with stock tubes, I am not sure if it improves the sound enough to keep it with my Schiit setup, though I am really loving how it makes my Grados sound.  It has given something to the T50rp, but I am not sure yet if I like what it is doing.
Here comes my dilemma, until I am sure about using the Grant with my Schiit gear, I would like to be able to use it with both my headphones and my speakers.  I am wondering if I were to split the signal from the Grant Tube Buffer (using some rca "Y" splitters) to both my Asgard and to my speaker amp, would I lose a significant amount of quality?
 Honestly I would prefer to not unplug and replug cables all the time, so this seems like my best temporary solution.  Right now I am splitting the optical signal coming out of my xfi to both the Bifrost and a cheapo Fiio D3.  The D3 "talks" to my amp and sofar I have been happy with its sound for $20.  I figure, I can make a decent improvement to my speakers with the proposed configuration.
 I would appreciate any advise or comments.  I am pretty new to this, and the Schiit Bifrost-Asgard combo is my first setup.  Please go gentle on me 

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Dec 29, 2007
Yeah, splitters will work in that scenario. That's how they're intended to be used! The buffer should be providing enough current that it won't matter either. See here for more technical:

If you don't like the idea of splitters, you can get into switches. Like this: (I know, not "hi-fi" - it's just a mechanical switch and you use it "backwards" (the output becomes the input, and the inputs are your various outputs - push the button for the device you want to use)).

If you create a ground-loop, consider a transformer:

In terms of how I'd set it up:

PC -> Bifrost -> Tube box -> [solution from above] -> Asgard | [whatever else you have]

In terms of y-cable options, there's both y-splitters, like this:

Splitter "plug" devices:

And stacking cables:

Get whatever is cleanest/neatest for your specific need.

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