completely torn.. cf/rockboxed 5g ipod or cowon d2
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Apr 21, 2007
it seems like all the rage these days is to ask which dap to get. so i'm going to try it again.

right now i own the following:
ipod mini CF modded (32gb) and rockboxed
audio technica ath-ck7
koss ksc75 (kramer modded)
yuin pk3 (en route from head-direct)

what i listen to:
underground hip-hop
christian metal/rock
secular metal/rock
jazz/rock/funk fusion

i've been wanting to up the sound quality and maybe get back to a color screen to take advantage of album art and the luxury of a bit larger screen, so i was originally going to just take the plunge and get a 16gb cowon d2 and then for now a 16gb sdhc card. so with shipping that puts it around $210-$225.

i know the sound quality of the cowon d2 is just outstanding compared to any of the ipods, however, i was thinking, since i already have the 32gb cf card, the cf adapter costs about $30 or so shipped, and then the 30gb 5g ipod can be had for around 120 after ebay cashback (25%) offers. so, for the money i'd get a better deal just keeping my 32gb card and modding an ipod video. plus, it seems like the battery life may be pretty solid after those 2 mods, plus possibly a 580mah battery upgrade.

i guess in the end, it may just come down to which type of interface and device i wanted. obviously the cowon d2 is the better sounding, and has the infinitely more customizable interface, and better battery life, however the ipod seems to have the larger selection of aftermarket stuffs including better car integration and what not. i'd rather not need to purchase an amp, too.

is it the general consensus (i know this isn't, but does have several of its members) that ipods are not a smart buy, that it's better to go with a non apple ipod type of a dap?

if anyone does respond i'm sure it will be arguments for both, and that's what i'm after, i guess just reasons to buy or not to buy apple vs. any other dap, specifically the d2 in this case.

thanks for listening to me ramble and try to decide how to spend $$. in the end isn't that what we're after, $$ spending for great audio?

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